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Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024



Best WooCommerce hosting You may easily create an e-commerce site with the aid of the top WooCommerce hosting companies.

WordPress has long been recognised as the best blogging platform, but because to its extensive library of plugins and themes, you can quickly and effectively set up almost any type of website. Even if you only have a cursory understanding of web hosting, it’s still astonishing how quickly you can configure and launch a working website.

WooCommerce is yet another WordPress extension that enables you to build up and deploy an ecommerce platform with all the bells and whistles. Since it was designed to integrate with WordPress, you can quickly install any of the tens of thousands of WordPress plugins to alter the appearance and functionality of your e-commerce platform or take care of other issues like marketing, sales, analytics, etc.

Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024
Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024

Even without that, there are numerous themes and plugins made specifically for WooCommerce. WooCommerce is open-source and free by default, and there are no limitations on how you can use it on your website. However, some of its themes and extensions, which give more helpful functionality, were created by third parties and are available for a fee. There are several themes that cost more than $30 each, even if free themes and plugins continue to rule the roost. Similar to that, you can anticipate paying hundreds of dollars for some specialist extensions.

These hosting companies have been contrasted based on a variety of criteria, including their simplicity of WooCommerce integration, uptime guarantee, user interface, and pricing schemes. We also considered the ideal business types for them, the standard of the customer service, and the choices for transfer, among other things.

Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024
Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024

Which hosting companies for WooCommerce are the best?

You can start your business online with the help of a number of services that hosting companies offer. While the standard procedure is to buy a hosting package and register a domain name, several hosting companies offer WooCommerce hosting.

The only logical choice is a specialised hosting package if WooCommerce is already the software that will power your e-commerce platform. This is due to the fact that many hosting companies offer different extra services in addition to troubleshooting and assistance, allowing you to focus all of your resources on expanding your business.

Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024
Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024

The hosting companies will at the very least provide a domain name, storage space, run backups, SSL certificates, and more. Your choice of plan will determine the precise range of offerings, and your optimal plan will depend on a number of variables, such the total number of monthly visitors, the number of products offered, etc.

Additionally, we analysed the top cloud hosting companies, payment gateways, and WordPress e-commerce plugins.

The complete list of the top WooCommerce hosting companies for 2023

WP Engine

With plans for every type of web store, from straightforward small business ventures to enormous sites with hundreds of thousands of visitors each month, WP Engine is a flexible and feature-rich platform.

Professional store themes and one-click site construction make getting started simple. Even on the most basic account, you may add as many products as you like to your catalogue (WooCommerce doesn’t have bothersome limits), and Stripe integration lets you accept payments right immediately.

Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024
Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024

Any web store needs to perform well because even a few seconds of lag can cause visitors to leave and shop elsewhere. WP Engine combats this head-on with effective page caching, Instant Store Search (which the company claims is 10x faster than the competition), and a global CDN that makes sure every visitor receives content from a server close to them.

Prices for the Startup plan, which supports a single business and around 25,000 monthly visits, start at $24 per month. Live charts are used for support.

The $50 Professional subscription adds the Instant Search tool, supports up to three stores, and includes phone assistance.

More resources are typically added to higher plans in order to enable more visits. For instance, the Scale plan can handle up to 30 stores and about 400,000 monthly visits. If you require more, WP Engine can also provide tailored solutions; simply describe your requirements to the business, and it will provide a quote.


The $2.99 StartUp plan from SiteGround is affordable but quite basic; you’re only allowed one website and 10GB of storage, and the company estimates it can support about 10,000 monthly visitors.

Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024
Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024

The $4.99 GrowBig plan doubles storage to 20GB and, according to SiteGround, can accommodate about 25,000 monthly visitors if you run a big online store or believe you may outgrow those restrictions.

The absolute best According to SiteGround, the GoGeek package boosts hosting power and can accommodate up to 400,000 monthly visitors. Although we believe it to be overly optimistic, the first year’s subscription is still a fantastic value at $7.99. (However, be careful—it increases to $24.99 upon renewal.)

SiteGround provides a plethora of freebies for each plan. For instance, the Storefront theme is available right out of the box in addition to installing WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin. Another strong point is security, which has its own AI built in to protect your online platform from threats. Each plan also includes free access to SSL certificates, email, and other services.

Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024
Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024

SiteGround has positioned itself for new and small businesses wishing to develop an online platform using WooCommerce thanks to the low entrance barrier and the plethora of free options.

In addition to offering a strong service, SiteGround also boasts of 24/7 customer assistance. This support is available via phone, live chat, email, or even a ticket system. The hosting provider aims to react to emails within 10 minutes, but phone and live chat responses are almost always immediate.


Bluehost is another web host that provides cheap WooCommerce hosting. If you choose a 36 month plan, the two options available, Standard and Premium, can also be had for as little as $12.95/month and $24.95/month, respectively. Plans for 1 or 12 months are also offered, however the price increases as the term length shortens.

Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024
Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024

Bluehost provides website traffic metrics in addition to all the standard features like the option to set up a blog and an e-commerce store, 24/7 support, the Storefront theme, etc. This offers real-time information on how your store is performing, along with reports on site traffic, trends, and orders. Office 365 can also be added to your Bluehost plan. Both the Standard and Premium subscriptions come with a free trial period of 30 days. Bluehost provides support by phone or live chat if you need help or guidance.

Security and backup are crucial for any website. Because the Standard option only offers free backup for the first year, the Premium plan is much more advantageous in this regard. Bluehost provides many CodeGuard plans with annual prices ranging from $32.95 to $239.95. These solutions let you keep an eye on any changes to your data and quickly restore the website to a previously saved state. However, the smallest plan only offers 1 GB of storage capacity, making it useless for established businesses or websites with a lot of data.

Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024
Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024

For new business owners, who also gain from Bluehost’s tutorial library, this isn’t a huge worry. The courses cover a wide range of issues in addition to developing or setting up your store, such as the right configuration and effective use of tools like SEO, email marketing, etc. to assure the widest possible audience for your online store.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting doesn’t come with WooCommerce preinstalled. Instead, it offers 1-click installation of numerous apps and services, such as WooCommerce, as part of its WordPress hosting package. Although it’s a simple and quick process, you’ll be responsible for setting up the theme and other elements of the WooCommerce installation.

While the other plans offer infinite NVMe storage, the least expensive option comes with 100 GB of SSD storage. A2 Hosting makes sense for established organisations looking to transfer hosting providers in quest of the best performance when you combine this with the free migration of your current website.

Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024
Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024

A2 Hosting is laser-focused on giving its customers the greatest user experience possible and offers 24/7 assistance by email, chat, and phone. A2Hosting allows you to select the server location because its priority is speed and performance. On the order form, you can select the server that is nearest to you; the choices are Michigan and Arizona in the United States, Amsterdam in Europe, and Singapore in Asia.

The hosting provider’s capacity to manage traffic spikes is a crucial consideration. The Turbo plans, which also feature Litespeed Web Server, give you peace of mind. The outcome is a website that loads much quicker than ones powered by Apache or Nginx.

A number of security features are also included in each plan, including enhanced DDoS defence, two-factor authentication, virus scanning, server hardening, dual firewalls, brute force defence, etc. However, the physical RAM and CPU cores are the one area where the hosting service falls short. The most expensive plan offers only 2 cores and 4 GB RAM, while the least expensive plan only offers 700 MB RAM and a single core.


A hosting platform called Nexcess provides managed WordPress, Magento, and WooCommerce solutions. If you’re looking for a fully managed WooCommerce hosting solution, Nexcess, a Liquid Web subsidiary, is a great option.

Your WooCommerce store is automatically updated thanks to the Nexcess Cloud architecture, which also handles core and plugin upgrades. Every subscription includes a staging environment, 30-day backups, unlimited email addresses, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We evaluated the Nexcess starting package, which costs $13.30 monthly, has 30 GB of storage, and supports 500 orders per hour. The WooCommerce hosting service is secure, and all of the plans include premium WordPress plugins.

Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024
Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024

Nexcess offers five additional WooCommerce hosting packages, with prices ranging from $55.30 for the Creator plan to $699.30 for the Enterprise plan. For practically every form of e-commerce store, there is a plan.

Overall, we discovered that Nexcess provides quick loading times and generally supports an online store’s successful operation. Even more striking is the auto-scaling capability of Nexcess, which enables your website to support more concurrent users as needed. This is advantageous since you won’t need to worry about bandwidth and storage when there is a spike in traffic to your online business as a result of the increased demand you have on your website.

Additionally, Nexcess tests critical functionality every night using Stripe test mode and WooCommerce test items. Another reason we would suggest Nexcess for your WooCommerce hosting needs is that its WooCommerce Automated Testing capabilities quickly detects major issues affecting your carts, payment methods, and login passwords.

FAQs about the best WooCommerce hosting

How can you pick the top WooCommerce hosting companies for you?

Think about how simple it is to connect WooCommerce with the hosting provider, how much storage the company gives, whether there are daily backups, and the uptime guarantee when choosing the best WooCommerce hosting companies for yourself.

Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024
Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024

A high uptime guarantee is critical for websites with large traffic, but it might not be as important for newly launched websites with low traffic. You should consider the cost options as well; if this is your first time building a website, it could be wiser to select a budget plan. Your alternatives will be different if you’re an established player trying to switch to a new hosting provider.

Additionally, you’ll want to confirm that the user interface is easy for you to use and that the customer assistance is first-rate.

How we evaluate the top WooCommerce hosting companies

We examined a number of factors, beginning with how easily WooCommerce could be linked with the hosting providers, in order to test the top WooCommerce hosting companies. The uptime guarantee, daily backups (and whether they were free), storage, and user interface were some of the next factors we took into account.

Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024
Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024

We evaluated the providers’ start-up times, security features, migration possibilities, and level of customer support. We also looked at their pricing structures and determined what kinds of businesses they would be most suitable for.

What distinguishes WooCommerce?

A store’s offerings are what make it what it is. WooCommerce offers adding choices like size, colours, regular/sale price, etc. to each product in addition to giving customers the choice between physical and digital products. You may also set up your WooCommerce store to provide a list of comparable products to visitors, depending on how you want to customise the appearance.

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Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024
Best WooCommerce hosting providers of 2024

Even better, you can provide as many options and products as you like on your WooCommerce store. Your hosting company is the sole restriction; they must be able to manage the daily traffic and deal with the surge of orders.

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