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Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 is the world’s most advanced solar-powered Internet of Things power station



Zendure SuperBase Pro is now offering a discount of 10% on their most recent portable power station, the Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000. When you use the promotional code zendureSBP at checkout, you can get the gadget for $1629.10 less than its regular price of $1699, making the total price of the deal $1529.10. For more updates newsyorbit.com

Both Amazon and the official Zendure website accept the voucher for a discount on purchases. Take notice that the validity of this voucher will end on the 31st of December in 2022.

Specification of Zendure SuperBase Pro

One of the Fastest Solar Recharging IoT Power Stations is Zendure’s SuperBase Pro 2000. It has a capacity of 2096 Wh, an output of 2000 W, and 14 output ports that may each be used on a different electronic item concurrently.

Devices with a maximum power output of 3000 watts can be powered by the power station. This implies that the devices and appliances you use on a daily basis, such as laptops, LED lights, cellphones, drones, mini-fridges, and so on, may be charged for a considerable amount of time.

Zendure SuperBase Pro
Zendure SuperBase Pro

In addition to that,Zendure SuperBase Pro it can offer a burst of power of up to 4000W for heavy-duty equipment that need more current to get started. The power of the SuperBase Pro 2000 is sufficient enough to allow it to charge a Tesla.

Additionally, the power station may function as an uninterruptible power supply of a residential grade (UPS). After connecting your necessary devices to SuperBase Pro, you will need to connect your power station to an electrical outlet.

In the event that there is a power outage, the SuperBase Pro will immediately switch over to battery power and continue to run your vital devices.

The SuperBase Pro 2000 is your saviour in the event of an unexpected power outage or a natural disaster because it will allow you to continue using your household appliances for an extended period of time, including your electric fan, kettle, toaster, coffee maker, hairdryer, blender, and refrigerator, amongst others.

Zendure SuperBase Pro
Zendure SuperBase Pro

Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 power station is one of the best available on the market since it allows for a solar generator to be charged in a very simple and expedient manner.

The gadget has the proprietary PVMax technology, which allows for the support of up to 7 different charging methods. If you are using solar power in conjunction with an AC input, then it will take you around one and a half hours to fully recharge your power station.

Zendure is able to do this with the utilisation of the industries quickest solar panel charging technology as well as the largest solar power input of 2400W.

The SuperBase Pro 2000 is the first solar charger in the world that is capable of supporting 4G off the grid. It has a built-in GPS as well as 4G LTE connectivity. The over-the-air (OTA) assistance, which offers online technical counselling, is the characteristic that stands out the most.

This indicates that you are able to repair any software issues remotely through the use of internet updates, without having to physically return the equipment. For more updates newsyorbit.com

This strong portable power station comes with a BMS, which stands for a battery management system. This system monitors temperature, voltage, current, and short circuits in real time in order to keep you and your equipment safe.

Zendure SuperBase Pro
Zendure SuperBase Pro

The portable power station has an alluring appearance that resembles a piece of trolley baggage, which makes it very convenient to move about with and take to a variety of locations.

The telescoping metal handles and wheels of industrial quality that are included with the gadget make it convenient for transport. Because it has a low centre of gravity and a design that allows it to roll effortlessly across a variety of surfaces, the SuperBase Pro is an excellent choice for use during your excursions outside.

There is now a sale going on for the Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 power station, and the price has been reduced to $1529.10. Take note that the expiration date for this offer is December 31, 2022. You may acquire the product by shopping on either the company’s primary website or on Amazon.com.

Free delivery is included, as well as a guarantee that lasts for two years. In addition, you have the option to make payments in instalments, which makes managing your finances more simpler and less stressful.

Customer care at Zendure is recognised for being prompt and effective, and if you have any questions about the company’s after-sale assistance, you can send an email to support@zendure.com. Check out the official Zendure website here for additional information about the product, including its features and specifications.

You may also obtain a first-hand idea of the product by watching this video that was uploaded on YouTube. For more updates newsyorbit.com

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