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Why did TheDanDangier get banned again From Twitch? – Reason



TheDanDangier: Danyell, a witch gamer, and streamer who was known for streaming for hours at a time has been kicked off the platform. People who watch her channel are used to seeing it get banned and then get unbanned again. People who were watching her live stream lost their connection to the channel all of a sudden, and there were a lot of tweets online from people who didn’t understand why she was banned.

The news about the ban came up because it was posted on Twitter by an account that talks about bans on streaming platforms. Let’s find out more about Danyell and find out why she was kicked off the server.

Danyell is known as “The dan dangler” on her Twitch channel, and she is also well-known on the platform as a whole. She got a lot of followers quickly, but what got her into trouble was that she was banned from the platform more than once. Yes, the streamer was kicked off her channel and the platform more than once.

According to the sources, she has been banned from the channel seven times, and this was the seventh time she had been banned. Her fans have been following her for a long time, so they are not surprised that she was banned. People who watched the show talked about it on Twitter.

As soon as Danyell kicked off the platform, many Tweets were posted online and a lot of trouble was made. People started to wonder why Danyell was banned from the platform, but neither the platform nor Danyell’s creator has given an answer.

One of the Twitter users said that the reason for her band should be said, while another said that getting banned seven times and then getting unbanned is not fair and that the streamer should be banned from the platform for good. While another user said that it was the seventh time in 14 months that the streamer had been banned.

Why did TheDanDangier get banned again From Twitch? – Reason

Danyell is a 22-year-old American woman who has been streaming on Twitch since she was a teenager. She switched to the platform in 2019 and has been gaining a lot of followers since then. Her page has over 428,000 followers, and about 2,000 to 3,000 people watch her channel on average.

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Danyell is not only a talkative streamer, but he is also a gamer who plays Call of Duty and other games. Since she started playing Call of Duty, she has spent 16000 hours playing on her channel. She also plays Hyper Score, Apex Legends, and Valorant in addition to Call of Duty. Danyell is also on a number of other social media sites.

Danyell has made fun of Twitch before because it didn’t give her her own space when she was sick and couldn’t stream. She tweeted once that she needs to rest and that Twitch is telling her to stream even though she needs time to herself.

In her statement against the team, she used harsh words and made fun of them for not caring at all about her condition or health. She said that she cried in her Twitter post about her sickness. Now, there is no new information about why she was kicked off the platform, but when she was kicked off, she was having a huge live stream party and her fans were left with nothing.

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