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Who is Mia Lee?, Whats happened to l*aked videos on Twitter



Super honored to be able to sit down with the man, myth, legend, and just an amazing storyteller @chicagodonc for the SNKRS app to talk about what it means to be a Visionary and the famous AF1. Also, s/o to me for wearing these @area jeans with the thighs exposed in 15-degree weather.

I have a strong link to my childhood. When I was a little black girl growing up on Chicago’s South Side, I went to Caribbean dance parties with my family. Through my paintings, drawings, and fabrics, I can learn more about my culture when I think about the past. I like to draw people and things that are known to me, as well as subtle relationships and emotions, from both the first person and the third person point of view.

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It’s important to me to show the raw and emotional parts of being black, our place in the world, and how we connect with others, for better or worse. our bad habits, our truth. Our hopes, our fears, and our good fortune. I want people to see themselves in the figures I know, whether they are ladies, gentlemen, or demons. This will help us talk about how we feel in an honest and open way.

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Since I give visitors enough room to tell the stories of my characters, I wanted to make sure I could tell that the black diaspora was represented by figures with black skin tones. I think the black diaspora is a very varied and rich culture, so I use the richest color I know to show it: black. My thanks for my culture and up, the women and men in my family, the black people in my neighborhood, and the black people I don’t even know will always and continue to inspire the work and visual stories I make for the world.

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