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Who is Lavluneee? Lavlune’s claims about Hasan were explained in a video that went viral



A huge argument is going on between a streamer and an influencer-streamer because one accused the other of having sxul contact with a minor. We’re here to talk about the case of a streamer named Hasan Ab and another streamer named Lavluneee, who is also an influencer. Lavlunee had said in a previous stream that Abu,

Who is also a streamer had a too-physical relationship with a minor. This led to a lot of rumors on the Internet and also to people splitting into different groups. Let’s find out what really happened and what is being said about it. In her stream, Lavlunee said that another streamer named Hasan Abi was sxully involved with one of her friends.

Even though Lav, who said there was a relationship, didn’t say when it happened or who the friend was, she did say that she dated Abi, who was an adult and 24 at the time of the relationship, while the girl was only 17. As soon as the fact that they were dating came up, Abi was teased online for having a physical relationship with a minor. Abi also reacted to it later.

And the whole story about their relationship came up. Abi also decided to sue Lavlunee for this accusation. Abi later said he was not dating a friend of Lavlunee’s, only 17. When these messages started popping up on November 14, 2022, while Abi was streaming online, he got angry and frustrated. Someone said the same thing during his Twitch life.

He answered that he had never had a physical relationship with a minor. Instead, Abi said he would meet Lavlunee in court and sue her for making false accusations against him. He also said that he would sue her for doing this and that they would meet in court. Abi said that he was in a relationship with a girl Lavlunee knew but never with a minor.

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He also said that the girl he dated was 19, so she was not a minor. He also said he would never date a minor and would lie if anyone asked him about it. Abi also said that the girl he was dating, who was known to Lavlunee, said that she was an adlt and over 18, and that she was 19 at the time he was dating her.

He also said that he was 24 at the time and that she was 19 at the time. Abi said that the accusations against Lavlunee were crazy. He also said that she should check with others and make it clear. This explanation was given the same day the influencer-streamer streamed and talked about the relationship without knowing the whole story.

Lavlunee hasn’t heard anything new about Abi’s explanation, but Abi is ready to sue her for the false accusations she made against him. So far, neither of them has posted anything about the legal talk or about clarifying their relationship. Maybe Abi’s ex-girlfriend will be brought into the spotlight to clarify things.

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