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WATCH: Maino Chokes YouTuber Buba100x After Prank Gone Wrong



A video of Brooklyn rapper Maino choking YouTuber Buba100x at Daniel’s Leather fashion show earlier this month went viral recently. Since then, the video has gone viral and caused a lot of controversy, with many people being upset by what Maino did. In the video, you can see Buba100x interviewing Maino at the fashion show in his usual TikTok style. Things are going well until Buba100x says “beating Maino’s ass” as a joke to Maino.

The rapper didn’t like this joke, so he grabbed the YouTuber by the throat and pinned him to the floor. A different video that was taken by a bystander seems to show that Maino was really upset and wasn’t in on the joke. But Maino later said that he was acting the whole time in the clip and that he wanted to make the joke seem real by acting angry. Buba100x is known for his crazy pranks on YouTube, where he has more than 500,000 fans. He stole Toosie’s chain once.

and said that French Montana’s music was garbage. Some people might say that he deserved it for being so rude, but Maino’s violent response has made people angry and worried. Many people are calling for Maino to be held accountable for his actions, with some even calling for him to face legal consequences. It’s important to keep in mind that choking someone is not only a form of physical assault, but it could also endanger their life. Violence is never a good way to solve a problem.

no matter what the situation is. Also, the fact that Maino said he was acting in the video is troubling. This could send a dangerous message to his fans by making it look like it’s okay to act violently for entertainment or to sell a prank. This could lead to copycat behavior and even more dangerous situations in the future. It is also worth noting that Buba100x’s pranks often involve crossing boundaries and pushing the limits of what is acceptable behavior.

Even though this doesn’t make Maino’s actions okay, it’s important to think about how Buba100x’s actions may have changed the situation. In the future, creators should think about the possible effects of their pranks and make sure they don’t put themselves or other people in danger. The situation between Maino and Buba100x shows how important it is in the entertainment industry to be accountable and act in a responsible way.

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