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video of Darrell Brooks’ attack on parade was leaked on Reddit, Brooks’ case is in jurisdiction of the court



On Tuesday, October 25, the people on the jury for Darrell Brooks’ trial brought overnight bags with them to court. In November 2021, Brooks is accused of attacking kids at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Before the day ended with closing statements from the prosecution and Brooks, Judge Jennifer Dorow spent five to six hours telling the jury what to do.

Brooks and Judge Dorow had a fight about jurisdiction and other pieces of evidence. The judge said she wouldn’t talk about jurisdiction or anything else over and over again. The judge said that the man no longer had any chances. His record spoke for itself.

Judge Dorow told Brooks that he would be moved to another courtroom if he talked about the subject matter jurisdiction in front of the jury. She insisted that everyone take a five-minute break during a break.

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Brooks talked about jurisdiction again after a short break. As soon as Judge Lamont saw the jury, he sent them out of the room. Dorow asked Brooks not to talk or stop reading during the judge’s instructions. Brooks didn’t do what the judge said, so the judge told him to stand near the bench so the instructions could be given without him getting in the way.

After Brooks waved his hands five times, the judge told him to write down what he wanted and asked him to promise that he wouldn’t do it again. Less than an hour later, the judge called the jury and the defendant back into the courtroom. During the time when the judge told the jury what to do, he said that Brooks had sent a letter. But he didn’t care about being polite, so he stayed in the courtroom next door. Even though Brooks didn’t say much, his lawyer was busy in the next courtroom for about five to six hours.

The judge explained why Brooks was in the courtroom next door when the court came back after a break. This event was also watched by the jury. When the judge called a short break, Brooks could be seen outside the courtroom waving his arms. The judge let this happen so that he could be there when the jury was told what to do.

The judge gave Brooks the fourth break after the third one ran out because he kept talking during the last one. Dorow cut him off by saying, “If you say one more word…” and Brooks finished the sentence.

During a break that the judge asked for, Gary Brooks let the judge know that he wanted to go back to the main courtroom. To make this change easier, a sixth break was ordered.

Dorow thought that the time Brooks spent waiting in another courtroom was a big deal. Dorow had read all 107 pages of jury instructions after a half-hour of silence. During this time, Brooks stayed in the courtroom next door and didn’t say anything. She was in the courtroom while the rest of the rules were read out loud.

Dorow waved her Bible at Brooks, who was sitting in the next courtroom when she was done reading the first few pages of her jury instructions. She told him to pay attention and said that she would talk to him later. Before lunch, Dorow had finished reading the first 73 pages of the instructions.

When Darrell Brooks walked into the courtroom for the first time, he tried to get the judge to let him go back to the main courtroom while the jury instructions were being read. Brooks brought up old arguments and said that “a new day has come.” Brooks spent half an hour at the next court date asking questions that had been answered for weeks.

Brooks told the judge in court that this was a new day. He talked about Social Security, maritime law, and the American flag’s eagle fringe. Brooks said that the court had not yet decided if they had the right to hear the case.

Darrell Brooks
video of Darrell Brooks’ attack on a parade was leaked on Reddit. Brooks’ case is in the jurisdiction of the court.

Brooks used the eagle on top of the American flag as a “military symbol” to back up his claims of sovereignty on Monday. These ideas say that flags with gold fringe in court mean that there is a military presence.

Once, Judge Dorow changed the directions about implicit bias. Judge Dorow said that the request for a bond had already been denied before Brooks brought up “filings” about “notices of appearances.”

In his court, Judge Dorow says that the oath of office doesn’t matter. Brooks said, “The jury must be aware of what their duties are under the Constitution.” He told them that he would tell them about this right. Dorow asked Bowers if she planned to talk about the issue when the jury showed up.

The judge said that if the defendant did something wrong, he might not be able to make a closing argument. In his closing, he wouldn’t be able to talk about jury nullification or the idea of subject matter jurisdiction.

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