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Twitter discourages users from sharing screenshots of their own tweets.



Some Twitter users are now getting pop-up messages when they take a screenshot.
Twitter has started giving Blue subscribers in the US access to the “Edit Button” feature.
The “Edit Button” feature has already been made available to Blue subscribers in Canada and Australia.

Twitter has started sending notifications to many users when they take screenshots of tweets. This is to get them to share the tweets instead of taking screenshots. Some Twitter users now get a pop-up message when they take a screenshot. This was first noticed by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong.


She wrote on is trying to get me to Share Tweet or Copy Link instead of taking a screenshot of the Tweet.” Matt Navarra, who works as a social media consultant, also saw that some users were getting the new feature.

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Twitter no longer wants you to take pictures of tweets. It wants real people to look at tweets on its platform, not just screenshots on other platforms. “Now, when you take a screenshot, one of these will show up,” he said. The new feature seems to be Twitter’s way of trying to get more people to use its platforms and not just read screenshots that have been sent to them.


In the meantime, has started giving Blue subscribers in the US access to the “Edit Button.” The “Edit Button” feature has already been made available to Blue users in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. But it didn’t say whether or not the feature was available to people in India.

The company also said that some iOS and Android users will see recommended content in a new video carousel on the Explore “For You” page. Users will be able to get out of the player by tapping the back arrow in the upper left corner.

There are some limits to the new way to change tweets. For example, after 30 minutes, users can’t change tweets that have already been sent. Twitter Blue subscriptions are paid for every month and are priced based on the current price in the US, which is $4.99.

Twitter has also announced that videos on users’ timelines will open in a full-screen immersive video player where users can swipe up to find more content. But this feature is only available in the company’s app for iOS.

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