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Tina Katanic Leaked Video and Viral on Twitter and Reddit, Link!



Tina Katanic Leaked Video and Viral on Twitter and Reddit, Link! Former Lotto Girl and “Singer” winner Tina Katanic makes a statement. She no longer has any doubts about the “hell” she was going through when the tapes of her having s&x with two men were revealed after retiring from the public in the wake of the 2015 incident. Follow For More Updates: newsyorbits

Tina Katanic: viral video

To be really honest, I’ve been the victim of a crime and a major invasion of privacy. Even though I have the chance to speak to you directly and through the media, I know that many people will read this and that many other girls have been victims like me.

I want to raise awareness about the importance of not shaking hands and not demeaning things in order to gain someone’s trust.

It is crucial to understand who committed severe crimes and who the victims are. Fortunately, all conventions, criminal laws, and other regulations exist today to protect women.

When the verdict was finalized, she declared that she had done a severe crime, according to an interview she gave to Story.

The former monarch of Croatia continued, saying that her family was the worst part of her terrible time in life. “My family, not I, experienced the worst of what occurred to me at that time. I emerged through all of this with pride.

The fact that the verdict has been handed down and the defendant has been put behind bars is what matters most to me. viral video

We would like to remind you that soccer player Domagoj R. received a court-ordered prison term of one year and eleven months for secretly filming Tina Katani in 2015 while she was having with two friends and then disclosing the recording to a third party.

imprisonment has absolutely no meaning for me, but it does serve as a warning to others that crimes may be committed, should be committed, and can be done so without consequence. It’s a felony, not a controversy, in my opinion,” Tina declared.

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