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RIP: Palestinian Prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid; Cause Of Death And Obituary



People Abu Hamid for protests in Jerusalem after the death of a prisoner who was being held there by the police. This strike was held by Palestinian groups that occupied the west bank of the area and faced off against Israeli troops. This happened on Tuesday, FOLLOW FOR MORE UPDATES newsyorbits.com

when people were protesting about how careless the officials were about the health of the prisoner who was being held captive. People could be seen holding pictures of the man who died while he was being held captive. The man was known to be Nasser Abu Hamid, but he died. FOLLOW FOR MORE UPDATES TWITTER

RIP: Palestinian Prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid

Reports said that the Abu Hamid who died was 50-year-old Nasser Aby Hamid, who had lung cancer and was being held in jail by Israeli troops when he died. Reports say that Nasser was in charge of the Al Aqsa, which is the armed wing of the Fatah party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s Martyrs.

He was taken into custody in 2002 and given a life sentence. While he was being held by the police, Nasser’s health was also getting worse and worse over the last few days. So, Nasser’s family and other people asked for his official release so that he could go home.

Even though Nasser’s health was getting worse, people from Palestine also asked for him to be set free. While this happened, two places, or states, Palestine and Israel, were trying to take over Abu Hamid land. Israel is getting stronger, but the two countries have been fighting a lot in the last few days.

In the meantime, Palestine has gotten a lot of bad press and troops have been sent there against their will. The Israel Prison Services also talked about Nasser’s death. They also said that Nasser was taken to the hospital because of his condition, and that he was at the care center a day before he died.

As soon as their leader died, the group called for a revolt, and there was a strike on the West bank of the state. It was said that they would revolt because of what was happening to them and because Nasser had died. They also said that they want answers for the bad things that have been done to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

Officials from the Palestinian news agency said that the movement will go on, and they called for it to be a day of anger at the places where the Israeli army meets the Palestinians. People are angry about it, but neither the Israeli troops nor their leaders have said anything about how their leaders don’t care about the health and well-being of the prisoners.

RIP: Palestinian Prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid; Cause Of Death And Obituary
RIP: Palestinian Prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid; Cause Of Death And Obituary

Palestinian media have said that Nasser’s health problems were not taken care of properly. They have also said that his health condition got worse and that he was given a lot of painkillers to help him deal with the pain.

They also said that in the last few minutes of his life, Nasser had trouble breathing and couldn’t get out of bed. He also needed a tube to give him oxygen, which had to be given to him by someone else. One report also says that Nasser couldn’t tell what was going on around him because he was in so much pain.

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