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RIP: Elijah Aubin, Tampa, Florida Foundation death and Obituary



Remembering Elijah Aubin: A Life Well-Lived is a touching tribute to an amazing man who changed the lives of everyone he met. Elijah was a loved husband, father, grandfather, and friend who cared deeply about his faith, family, and community. He was a leader in his church and helped many people learn and grow. He helped people out of the goodness of his heart by giving his time and money. People who knew him will always remember how kind, generous, and religious he was.

Elijah Aubin was a well-liked member of his community, and his death has left a big hole in many people’s hearts. He helped everyone he met because he was kind and helpful. His life was full of happiness and fun, and people will remember him for the good things he did for them.

Elijah was born in the small town of Riverdale. He was always a natural leader, even when he was young. He was always the first to offer help and a good friend. He worked hard in school and did very well, finishing at the top of his class. Elijah went to college after high school to get a degree in business and finance.

Elijah was a big fan of the outdoors and loved to spend time there. He was a great hunter and fisherman, and he liked going camping and hiking with his family and friends. He also loved music and played the guitar and piano with great skill. He went to his church regularly and was in charge of the youth group.

Elijah was a businessman and trader who did well. He started several businesses and helped many young people start their own businesses. He cared a lot about giving back to his community, so he helped a lot of different groups and causes. He was also a kind person who helped people in need by giving his time and money.

Elijah loved his wife and children very much. He loved and cared for his wife and was a loyal father to his two children. He set a good example for his kids and taught them the value of hard work and commitment. He was loved by his five grandkids, and they will always remember how much he loved and cared for them no matter what.

Elijah was a kind and gentle person whom everyone who knew him will miss very much. He was a real friend, and many people looked up to him. He was a shining light in a dark world, and the people he helped will always remember him.

Elijah Aubin was a good man who cared about others. He led, helped, and was a friend to many people. People will remember him for being generous, kind, and firm in his faith. He lived a good life, and his story will be told for many years to come.

Because of what Elijah Aubin did for us, we will never forget him. He was a great person who will be missed very much. In our hearts, we will always remember him.

Remembering Elijah Aubin: A Life Well-Lived is a tribute to the life of a great man who touched many people. Elijah had a strong faith and spent his life helping others and serving God. He was loved by his wife, children, grandchildren, and friends. People who knew him will always remember how kind and loving he was. Elijah’s life showed how powerful faith, love, and kindness can be, and people will always remember him.

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