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RIP Doug Brignole: Bodybuilding Icon Dies at 63 – Obituary and Funeral!



Doug Brignole, professional bodybuilder, author, trainer, and biomechanics specialist, will join us on episode 36 of the InForm Fitness Podcast. Doug will offer his extensive knowledge and training methods, including compound vs. isolation, training vs. recuperation, the benefits and cons of stretching, static vs. dynamic exercises, and good exercise form & recreation to enhance balance and core strength. Follow For More updates on our website or Google News

What’s going on with InForm Nation? Again, thank you for listening to our InForm Fitness podcast, in which we discuss safe and effective slow, high-intensity strength training.

I’m Tim Edwards, founder of the InBound Podcasting Network and InForm Fitness client, and soon we’ll have Inform Fitness founder and New York Times bestselling author Adam Zickerman in person, who will co-host the show with us, general manager of the Manhattan facility Mike Rogers, and co-owner of the Toluca Lake plant in Burbank, Sheila Melody.

Doug Brignole, a professional bodybuilder, is the voice you heard on the show you just viewed. Listen, even if you’re not interested in bodybuilding, you’re going to thoroughly enjoy our time with Doug. Not only does he have a large and intriguing personality, but he is also a wealth of information that anyone interested in safe weight training would find entertaining and beneficial.

RIP Doug Brignole: Bodybuilding Icon Dies at 63 - Obituary and Funeral!
RIP Doug Brignole: Bodybuilding Icon Dies at 63 – Obituary and Funeral!

Doug will share his extensive knowledge of biomechanics and training principles, including compound versus isolation exercises, training versus recovery, dos and don’ts to increase exercise variety, static versus dynamic exercises, correct exercise form for improving balance and core strength, and finally Strength and Recovery.

This episode will cover all of these subjects and more, so if you’re listening in your car or while walking your dog, it may take you multiple trips to work or a few laps around the block. Whatever you choose to listen to with Doug Brignole, we hope you enjoy your time with him.

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