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Pokimane, open shirt video, leaked on the internet – Twitch stream



Pokimane is commonly regarded as one of the faces of Twitch, as he has millions of followers across several platforms and is one of the largest broadcasters on the internet. The anchor’s shirt was open when she returned to her computer on November 15 during a live stream, allowing viewers to see her breasts.

She said, “Hello, I have a science question for everyone,” before pretending to realize that her breasts were disconnected. Pokimane’s Overwatch 2 broadcast was halted due to a wardrobe error.

Clips of the event and the VOD were swiftly removed, but other users quickly collected the footage and uploaded it to Reddit.

“Watching this clip feels illegitimate,” remarked one observer. After an “embarrassing” wardrobe malfunction, many individuals expressed pity and concern for the Moroccan woman.

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Pokimane remained unfazed and continued her broadcast, albeit after changing her attire. The streamer has not yet addressed the event on Twitter, and it is unknown whether she will face any consequences from Twitch, such as a ban. B. A potential prohibition.

Unbelievably, the event occurred just days after Pokimane stated that she had been duped by a fraudulent lingerie company that attempted to deceive them into sending r*cy images of her.

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