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In Overwatch 2 Season 2 December 15 patch, All hero changes



Overwatch 2 is a first-person shooter that is played with a team. It was made by Blizzard Entertainment, which also released it. The game is the sequel to the popular first game, Overwatch, and has new heroes, maps, and game modes. In Overwatch 2, players can take on the role of one of several heroes, each of which has its own skills and way of playing. FOLLOW FOR MORE UPDATES newsyorbits.com

Overwatch 2’s Season 2 patch came out on December 15. It made some changes to heroes to make the game more balanced and give players more options. This article will look closely at all of the changes made to heroes in the patch. FOLLOW FOR MORE UPDATES TWITTER

All changes to the list of players in Overwatch 2

Doomfist, one of the tank heroes, has had many changes made to his abilities. Doomfist’s Rocket Punch, which lets him launch himself at an enemy and deal damage when he hits, now has a longer cooldown, from 3 to 4 seconds.

With this change, players will have to be more strategic about how they use the ability, since they will have less chances to use it during a match. Rocket Punch’s minimum damage requirement has also gone up from 80 to 100. This means that players must land more damaging attacks before they can use the ability to its full potential.

Also, the temporary health gain from hitting an enemy with an ability has gone from 40 health to 35 health per hit. Because they won’t get as much temporary health when they use their abilities, Doomfist players will have to be more careful.

Next, we have Orisa, whose Terra Surge and Augmented Fusion Driver have been changed. Terra Surge lets Orisa send out a burst of energy that hurts and slows down enemies. It can now go through barriers when it hits.

Because of these changes, people who play as Orisa can now use her ability to hurt enemies behind barriers. This makes her a better hero in some situations. Orisa’s Augmented Fusion Driver’s damage drop-off range has also been increased from 15 meters to 25 meters. This means that the ability will do less damage to enemies that are farther away, but it will still work on enemies that are close by.

The Nemesis Form and Void Barrier abilities of Ramattra, another tank hero in Overwatch 2, were changed. The Nemesis Form, which lets Ramattra change into a stronger form with more armor and more damage, now lets him move faster and gives him more armor.

With her new stats, Ramattra should be more effective in close combat because she can move faster and do more damage. In Omnic Form, Ramattra’s Void Barrier ability has also had its cooldown cut from 15 seconds to 13 seconds. Players will be able to use the ability more often, which will help them protect themselves and their allies better.

In Overwatch 2, Sojourn is in the damage category. Her Railgun, Disruptor Shot, and Power Slide all got some changes. The range of Sojourn’s Railgun, which lets her fire a powerful shot that does a lot of damage, has grown by 28%. If the spread is bigger, the shot will be less accurate at a long distance but very good up close.

Sojourn’s Disruptor Shot, which slows enemies and destroys their projectiles, no longer slows enemies’ movement. This means that the ability will still be good at destroying projectiles, but it won’t be as useful at slowing enemies.

Sojourn’s Power Slide ability has also had its cooldown increased from 6 to 7 seconds. This means that players will have to be more careful about when and how they use the ability, since they will have less chances to use it in a single game.

Tracer, another hero who does damage, had her Pulse Pistols ability changed. Pulse Pistols have had their damage lowered from 6 to 5.5. This means that Tracer’s main weapon will do slightly less damage, but she will still be a strong hero on the battlefield.

Ana is a support character in Overwatch 2, and her Biotic Rifle and Biotic Grenade skills have been changed. Ana’s Biotic Rifle, which lets her damage or heal allies, now does more damage and healing, up from 70 to 75. So, Ana should become a better hero both when she is helping and when she is hurting.

The Biotic Grenade that Ana uses to heal allies and hurt enemies now lasts for 4 seconds instead of 3 seconds. So, this ability will last longer, giving Ana time to heal more allies or hurt more enemies.

Support hero Kiriko is the last hero in Overwatch 2 to get changes from the patch. Kiriko’s Protection Suzu ability, which makes a shield that protects allies and soaks up incoming damage, is now less effective. It has been cut from 1 second to 0.85 seconds. This means that allies will be less protected by the shield, but it will still be good at absorbing damage.

Overall, the Season 2 patch for Overwatch 2 has changed the roster of heroes to make the game more balanced and give players more options.

Some heroes and their roles in the game could change because of these changes, which will probably have an effect on the competitive scene in the coming weeks and months. It will be interesting to see how the community reacts to these changes and how they change how Overwatch 2 is played.

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