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Murgud Doctor Viral Video, 80 clips of women leaked by fake doctor



A new movie is going around the internet like wildfire today. This widely shared movie shows a Murgud Doctor. A video getting viral is something that happens all the time now. Every day, a new video gets out onto the internet. This movie is causing a stir on all social media sites. This movie that has gone viral is about a fake doctor. People on the internet are interested in what happened. People want to know why this movie is being watched by millions of people all over the internet. People want to watch that video that got out. So we’re here to tell you everything we know about this video that was shared. So, keep in touch with us.

Murgud Doctor Viral Video

This video shows how important it is for a good doctor and a patient to get along. When a patient trusts his or her doctor, it shows. In this video, a fake doctor was found out to be a fake. This happened in the city of Kolhapur City, Maharashtra, in a place called Murgud. This movie shows us what a fake doctor is really like. In Murgud, Kolhapur, the doctor opened up his own practice. He doesn’t have a degree. When the video got out, the police took him into custody right away. And the cops said he had done two bad things. Karthik is the name of the doctor. In this video, he is promoting his business while talking to a woman. After seeing these ads on social media, a lot of people used to go to their center for checkups.

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The doctor’s degree is fake, and he got caught. He used to bother the woman who was his patient. Many of his female victims were s*xu_lly abused by him. He used a stick to take videos of his female patient. He used to save all the pictures and movies on his laptop. One day, his laptop broke, so he took it to get fixed. But after he did that, all the movies on his laptop started to get out on social media. He saved about 80 movies of him doing this sneaky thing.

After the film started to get out, a lot of women in Kohlapur wrote letters to the police. In the letter, they said that this doctor has done dirty and embarrassing things at his fake practice. He has hurt a lot of people. In a letter, women said that the fake doctor should go to jail and that all the women should be treated fairly. Patients used to trust the doctor, but now no one trusts him. So, that’s all there is to say about this case. We will share some more news about it soon, so stay tuned until then.

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