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Midnight Suns releases a new update for gamers on consoles



The console version of Marvel’s Midnight Suns is getting a new update that will make the game run better and fix bugs. In particular, this latest update for Midnight Suns fixes a major bug that console players have been having trouble with. FOLLOW FOR MORE ON newsyorbits.com

Midnight Suns is one of Marvel’s newest games. It’s a tactical turn-based RPG that was made in partnership with Firaxis, which is best known for the XCOM series. The game came out on December 2, 2022, and most reviews were good, which wasn’t surprising given how popular Firaxis’s other turn-based tactical games are and how popular Marvel properties are in general. When Midnight Suns came out, there was one bug that could have broken the game. FOLLOW FOR MORE ON TWITTER

Midnight Suns releases a new update

On consoles, the Hero Ops bug showed an error message that said there wasn’t enough video memory, and it could stop players from moving forward in the story. But Midnight Suns has responded quickly, and one of the most important fixes in this new update is a fix for this bug. The patch also fixed some bugs that were slowing down the game and a bug that caused the game to crash when a player manually saved. There were also a number of bug fixes, as well as fixes for the photo mode. Fans of Sun’s hero Ghost Rider will be happy to hear that his flame head effects now work correctly in photo mode. This is one of the bigger bugs that have been fixed.

Midnight Suns releases a new update for gamers on consoles
Midnight Suns releases a new update for gamers on consoles

This update is a much-needed and very timely fix for the Hero Ops bug, and it also fixes some of the smaller bugs that have been making Midnight Suns players’ lives harder. This fix was made quickly, which is a good sign for the game’s longevity and should keep players interested and playing.

Attention #MidnightSuns console players!

The December patch is now live on Xbox Series X|S as well, bringing stability and performance improvements, a fix for the hero ops bug and various adjustments.

Complete patch notes here: https://t.co/SIuu76Qx9P pic.twitter.com/ZVAGiEOLKV— Marvel’s Midnight Suns (@midnightsuns) December 16, 2022

That’s exactly what Marvel and Firaxis want, since they’ve already said that the Midnight Suns season pass will come with four DLC heroes. If the developers can keep the game running smoothly and keep adding new, interesting content, this could be a great new Marvel game.

Some fans of superhero games might find the turn-based tactical style of play that Firaxis is known for too slow. Guardians of the Galaxy, Gotham Knights, and Spider-Man are all recent big superhero games that focus a lot more on action. Switching to a slower, more strategic style with a turn-based RPG in Suns could be too much of a change for some fans. But if you want a more strategic take on superhero games, Midnight Suns’ turn-based combat could be just what you’re looking for.

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