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Microsoft Announces ChatGPT for Robotics, Enabling Robot Interactions Without Mastering Complicated Programming



Microsoft Introduces ChatGPT for Robotics and Robot Interactions Without Mastering Complex Programming For more updates newsyorbit.com

The recent announcement that Microsoft will implement ChatGPT (based on the upgraded GPT-4) into the company’s Bing search engine shocked the world and attracted a large number of users to join the AI craze. Microsoft appears to be introducing AI to both the online and offline markets.

The Microsoft Autonomous Systems and Robotics Research

Group has recently published a research paper on ChatGPT for Robotics, which enables text robots to control physical robots directly, as announced on the company’s official blog.

ChatGPT for Robotics seeks to make it easier for humans to interact with robots, without requiring knowledge of complex programming languages or robotic system specifics.
In current robotics pipelines, an engineer or technical user must translate the task’s requirements into system code. In order to remedy the robot’s behaviour, the engineer must create new code and specifications.

Overall, this procedure is sluggish (the user must write low-level code), costly (it requires highly experienced users with extensive knowledge of robotics), and inefficient (requires multiple interactions to get things working properly).
Human intervention is required to convert language instruction into programming instruction
Slow, costly, and inefficient describes the process
Debugging requires a human.
In their research paper and blog, the Microsoft research team provides numerous examples of ChatGPT solving robotics puzzles and intuitively controlling robot limbs, drones, and home assistant robots with natural language.

Since the product is still in development, the paper also describes a number of obstacles the team has encountered. However, Microsoft’s research team states that their work represents only a small portion of what is possible at the intersection of large language models operating in the robotics space, and they plan to conduct additional research in this area.

Microsoft stated that the tech company believes language-based robotics control will be essential to bringing robotics out of science labs and into the hands of everyday consumers. For more updates newsyorbit.com

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