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Mary Chirwa Dec Zambia Video Leaks Onto Twitter, Reddit, And Instagram; DEC Records Statement: Total Scandal!



A video is attracting considerable interest and gaining popularity on social media. The Mary Chirwa-related video was first uploaded to Twitter, then Reddit, and finally Instagram. As usual, the video’s illegal content is what is making it popular and attracting viewers’ interest.

This type of information is well-liked by viewers, which explains why it is rapidly spreading online. However, some individuals dislike viewing such content online, and they are especially concerned for their children, who frequently use social networking sites. and such things may have a negative impact on their hearts and minds. Follow For More Updates at Newsyorbits.com

Mary Chirwa Video from December in Zambia

A video of Mary Chirwa is currently going viral online and receiving a great deal of attention. Mary Chirwa, according to rumours, is the woman depicted in the film, and she appears in several steamy clips that contain NSFW content. We would like to inform those who are unaware that Mary Chirwa is the Director General of the Drug Enforcement Administration. What explicit content does the video currently contain, and how did it spread so rapidly across social media platforms?

Zambian Mary Chirwa Video from December Leaks

The recordings depict a woman sitting in a room while engaging in unsavoury behaviour with her private region. She was observed fiddling with her genitalia, and the woman resembles the Director General eerily. The woman depicted in the video is allegedly a government employee, and as such, she is prohibited from filming such an event. This is the primary point of contention surrounding the video. As sensible women or individuals, we should exercise caution when filming or posting, as we do not believe it is necessarily a government representative or another individual.

It is currently unknown when the videos were recorded when they were first uploaded to the Internet, or who uploaded them. On social media, graphic video is currently trending. People who have viewed the video are expressing shock and disapproval. Numerous individuals have already voiced their outrage, urging her to resign immediately and pleading with President Hakainde Hichilema to do the same.

Numerous media outlets attempted to contact her, but her phone is currently off and she has not responded to anyone. Chellah Tukuta, a photojournalist currently employed by the State House, is the prime suspect in the sex tape incident involving Mary Chirwa, according to new development. According to reports, the photographer shared the photographs with Ms Chirwa’s family. Stay in contact with us for further updates.

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