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Malana Patricia Weaver died; Powhatan Woman Found Dead In James River



This week, a woman who had been reported missing in Virginia’s Powhatan county was finally found dead after a lot of searching. A witness told the police that the missing woman was found near the river, and when the woman was looked for, she was found near the river’s park.

The family was shocked because they thought the woman would still be alive when they found her, but she had already died. Many people, like neighbors and friends, told her they were sorry. Stay tuned as we talk about the details of this case, such as how Malana Patricia died.

According to the news, the woman was reported missing this week, and the police were looking for her. Malana Patricia Weaver, who is 70 years old, has been missing since Tuesday, December 27, 2022, when she left her home and did not come back.

She was with a vehicle that had also been reported missing. Police also said that a witness saw the woman and the car near the James River, and the woman was in a park near the river. When the police got there and checked, they found that she was already dead.

Weaver was walking alone near the park, it was said. Police searched the park with boats and a helicopter, and when they found Weaver, they took her to the hospital, but she was found to be dead.

So far, the police haven’t said what caused the death, but it’s been said that once the medical tests are done, the police will soon say what caused the death. The police said that Weaver’s car was found close to Tucker’s Park and the river. In the meantime, the family is told that the person has died.

After the family couldn’t find the woman, Weaver, in their house and couldn’t find her anywhere near or in their neighborhood, they called the police to report that the woman was missing. Weaver was reported missing on December 27, 2022, just two days after Christmas.

The woman’s family was worried about her because she was old. While the police gave out information about Weaver, her picture and information were spread around so that if anyone finds her, they can report it. This will be very helpful. This helped the police find people who could talk.

This person, whose name isn’t given or maybe isn’t given on purpose, saw Weaver walking near the river. This person told the police that Weaver was near the river.

Even though the cause of death hasn’t been said, it’s essential for the family to find time to grieve and go through the proper steps. While police and medics are working together to find out what killed Weaver, her car and other belongings are being watched by police as evidence.

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