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Laura Allio is Dies, Who is Michael Allio’s wife? – Cause of death and obituary



Laura Allio Dies: Michael Allio is one of the last four people left on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette. In 2019, Ario’s love life was ruined when his wife died, leaving him to raise their son on his own. What happened to Michael Arrio’s wife, who he met on the show The Bachelorette? Laura Ritter-Allio, who was married to Michael Allio, died of cancer at the age of 33 in 2019. Follow for more updates on our website or Google news

Allio and Ritter-Allio met at Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois, where they were both students. In 2012, they got married after meeting. After being married for a few years, the couple had a baby boy on September 9, 2016.

“It’s terrifying. It breaks my heart. But, since I’m 32, I think it’s really important that we talk about it. Ritter-Allio wrote in a video segment about her journey, “I never thought this would happen to me.” Rita-Allio has always been interested in helping other people, and when she was diagnosed with cancer, she got some attention and wrote about it on Facebook.

Allio’s sister set up a GoFundMe page with a $25,000 goal to help the family through their cancer journey. So far, more than $73,000 has been donated to the site.

Allio and his wife were “committed to understanding their pain,” and he started the L4 project a month after they died to carry on their work. The page for the L4 project says, “Laura’s courage, determination, and selflessness throughout her life and her fight with cancer have inspired thousands of people to look inward, gain insight, and embrace greatness. Change and do what you need to do to live a “life worth living.”

The site says, “The L4 Project wants to keep doing its great work by making sure that these good organizations have the money they need to do their important work.” On her site, you can buy clothes, and all of the money goes to Meet Cancer Nonprofit organizations that help cancer patients.

Since the L4 project was on the show, it has grown and grown. In the episode from July 26, Michael went home to be with his son, so the other three tried to win Thurston’s heart.

Laura Allio is Dies, Who is Michael Allio’s wife
Laura Allio is Dies, Who is Michael Allio’s wife? – Cause of death and obituary

Michael made his own “big choice” when he wasn’t sure if he should keep looking for love or just go home. During the heartbreaking call with his toddler son, the single dad was clearly upset. He told the boy, “I think you’re crazy, man.”

On the audio, his son can be heard saying, “Maybe Daddy doesn’t want to see me.” Michael opened the Happy Hour podcast after the June 21, 2021 episode, and he never applied to be a contestant on the show at first.

He said that producers found him on Instagram and asked him to be a suitor. After he turned them down twice, he finally agreed to be on the show. Michael also said that he asked his in-laws’ permission to go to the show for Laura before he did so.

“I didn’t decide on my own to go on this trip. So many people I love and care about have been hurt by this, so before I made up my mind, I told my in-laws that I wouldn’t go unless they were fully on board.

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