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Kaz Crossley Cocaine Video, Love Island Star Arrested In Dubai, Charges



Kaz Crossley Cocaine Video: Kaz Crossley is a make-up artist from England who writes a blog called “Kazbands” about exercise and cosmetics. Kaz Crossley’s drug movie was made, which made her the most controversial person on the web. Kaz, on the other hand, has been the subject of many rumors because of how famous she is.

This time, people are interested in seeing the video clip. Kaz is known all over the country now because of the reality show that made her famous. Kaz Crossley is a makeup artist who lives in London. She has worked on music videos for stars like Zayn Malik and Stormzy.

Kaz Crossley is a spokesperson for the online clothing store Boohoo in the UK. She is represented by the well-known talent agency 84 World. Josh Denzel, who was also a finalist on “Love Island,” helped her become more well-known. The 1.2 million people who follow her on Instagram may be able to tell how famous she is.

She is also a TV host, and most people know her from the fourth season of the romance show “Love Island,” which airs on the ITV2 channel. Crossley was born in England on January 19, 1994. His name is Kazimir Crossley. Crossley decided to become a cosmetics designer when she was done with school.

Her big break came when she was asked to do Stormzy’s hair and makeup in the videos for his album “Gang Signs & Prayer.” Kaz Crossley has also worked with a number of other famous people, such as DJ Maya Jama, who is Stormzy’s girlfriend. Crossley and her brother or sister grew up in the UK.

In October 2017, she showed off her makeup skills in the music video for Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay’s song “Little Bit Leave It.” Crossley was hired in April 2017 to be the lead makeup artist for Zayn Malik’s “Still Got Time” music video. In a funny turn of events, both Chris and Kem were on the third season of “Love Island.”

She is a well-known promoter, and the strange things she did in the video shocked people. Crossley has still not said anything about the matter. She is in even more danger now that she is in Dubai, where the government takes drug charges very seriously.

In the video that went viral, she can be seen blowing out a white substance that some internet users said was cocaine. People who follow her on social media went crazy when they saw the video. In the same way, the video was shot in Dubai last year while pandemics were causing chaos in London.

She was living in Dubai at the time, which was found out. The artist is one of the most well-known people from Love Island, and her fans have been praising her for years. In the video, Kaz looked like he could go to a big party. On the other hand, Kaz Crossley appeared on the ITV2 show in 2018 and came in third.

In January 2019, Kaz broke up with Love Island star Josh Denzel. They broke up 6 months after they won the show’s finale in Majorca. She is now single and just bought a house in Manchester. She has a lot of followers on social media,

Has a large number of fans there. She then got married to Theo Campbell, an athlete who used to be on Love Island. But their relationship couldn’t last long because Kaz had already broken up with him.

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