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Katherine Ryan is happy to talk about an alleged industry abuser in a “dangerous” way




Katherine Ryan says she is happy to talk about an alleged s*xual abuser in the entertainment business, even if it is “dangerous.” Follow For More Updates newsyorbits.com

The Canadian comedian once talked to the unnamed person about the supposed incidents and said that many people thought his actions were a “open secret.”

Katherine Ryan is happy to talk about an alleged

In June, the comedian and soon-to-be mother of three said that she yelled at the unknown celebrity a lot when they both worked on a popular TV show. Katherine Ryan told Louis Theroux that she thought the person she said attacked her was a “s*xual assaulter.”


She told the moderator, “It’s very risky for us to talk about this.” “I’m glad to have it, but it’s a minefield because a lot of people are trying to blame this guy for the crimes they’re accused of, and this guy has really good lawyers, so I’m going to put my mortgage on it.” “Put it out there.” Who is this person or who is taking part in this talk?

Katherine Ryan is happy to talk about an alleged industry abuser in a "dangerous" way
Katherine Ryan is happy to talk about an alleged industry abuser in a “dangerous” way

“We’ve seen what happens to people who talk about possible predators.”


Catherine said again that a predator had not hurt her. She said, “It didn’t really tell my story.” “No one has ever s*xual assaulted me, but this person is an open and secret s*xual abuser, which is what I and many other people are very sure of.”

“I tell that guy on the show that he is a predator in front of many people.” When asked if her words made it through the show, Catherine said, “No, that’s fine. I still get paid and do my job, but I only do what I think is fair.


In June, Catherine told Sarah Pascoe, a comedian, that she made the accusations in front of her coworkers because she didn’t know what else to do. In her new Prime Video show, Backstage With Katherine Ryan, she says, “I brought it up.” “Every day, in front of everyone, I call him a predator.” What do I do? I don’t have any proof, so it’s a mess.Follow For More Updates Twitter


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