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Julissa Loucks dead and obituary – cause of death



Our beautiful, smart, and kind daughter Julissa Taylor died suddenly on March 14, 2023. At the age of 18, her life ended suddenly. She left behind her mother, father, brother, and other family and friends. Her future looks good. She finished high school last year and is now in her first year of college. She is studying Psychology and Dance/Performing Arts as her minors. If you’ve met Julissa, who is better known by her nickname Juju, you know how kind, warm, funny, sweet, and loving she is. Our family has been very hurt, so we’re asking for funds to help pay for the funeral. We would really appreciate any help. Please tell your family and friends about this page. Sincerely, Rick, Edith, and their family.

Remembering Julissa Loucks: A Tribute to a Beloved Life is a touching tribute to a remarkable woman who made a lasting effect on everyone she met. Julissa Loucks died in 2018 at the age of 41. She was a loved wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. This memorial is a way to remember her and tell the world about how she inspired people. Julissa was a strong supporter of mental health understanding and wanted to change the lives of those around her. Through her hard work and kindness, she changed the lives of many people and left behind a lasting memory. This memorial is a celebration of her life and a memory of how she made the world a better place.

Tribute to the Life of Julissa Loucks: Remembering Her

Julissa Loucks was a loved daughter, sister, friend, and teacher. She was a bright spot in everyone’s lives that she touched. Julissa died sadly on June 7, 2020, leaving a hole that will never be filled. All of the people who knew her will miss her very much.

She was born in Chicago, Illinois, on August 16, 1993. She was the daughter of Robert and Maria Loucks. Robert Jr. and Samantha were also her siblings. Julissa loved music, art, and helping other people. She could sing and write songs well, and she often used her art to show how she felt and to help other people. Julissa was a big reader, and she liked to learn about other countries and visit new places.

Julissa was a loyal friend and a wise teacher. She was always ready to listen to people and give them advice. She was also a hardworking volunteer who worked with many groups to help people who were less wealthy. Julissa cared deeply about social justice and was always ready to fight for what she believed in.

Julissa was a good person with a big heart. She was always ready to help, and she would smile or hug you right away. She was a great role model for everyone who met her, and she will be greatly missed.

Julissa’s family and friends have set up a memorial fund in her name as a way to remember her. The money will be used to help Julissa’s favorite causes, like music education, social justice, and helping those who are less wealthy. At any time, people can give money to the Julissa Loucks Memorial Fund.

Everyone who knew Julissa was blessed by her life. She was a bright spot in the lives of everyone who knew her, and her loss is very sad. She will always be honored and loved.

Julissa’s family and friends have set up a tribute page on Facebook in her honor. People can share pictures, stories, and memories of Julissa on the page. It is also a place where people can get together to remember and enjoy her life.

Julissa Loucks was a loved daughter, sister, friend, and teacher. She was a bright spot in everyone’s lives that she touched. Everyone who knew her feels her loss deeply, but those who loved her will always remember her.

Remembering Julissa Loucks is a tribute to a life that was cut short too soon but was very important to many people. Julissa was a nice, loving person who loved to help other people. The many people she helped and the good causes she gave money to will keep her memory alive. Julissa’s family, friends, and all the people who knew her will always remember her. We can celebrate her life and keep her spirit living in our hearts by remembering what she has done.

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