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Jordhy Thompson l*aked videos on twitter and reddit, what happened



Colo Colo spoke out against Jody Thompson’s attack on a woman and said that the football player will be taken off the team while he continues to get mental health care. Albos was shocked when he saw pictures of the striker beating up a woman in a bar on this important day for the club. The evidence is clear: the attacker hit the victim, which was seen on the security cams of the complex. In the picture, Thompson, who is wearing a white T-shirt, is fighting over the woman who was attacked and hits her with his left hand.

In an official statement, the famous club talked about what was going on. Colo Colo is sorry and angry about what our player Jody Thompson did. The player who lives at Casa Alba is getting special advice, and because the incident was so bad, it has been decided that this kind of case needs professional help. He won’t be able to pass again, so he won’t be able to join the first working team. When experts said it was the right time, “he recorded him with Macul.

“Our agency is dedicated to giving our players full training and career support for the rest of their lives. We are working on a mental health policy for men’s, women’s, and short-series soccer players that will go into effect at the start of 2022. This is to improve how things work on the inside. “The phase of choosing the chief sports psychologist, who will be in charge of planning and running the program,” says Albos.

Leonard Gill didn’t talk about the issue at a news conference at Memorial Stadium. “As friends, it’s hard to say what we think about this because we’re only here to play. Everyone on the team has to deal with the problems of everyone else, both inside and outside the club. We’re only here to train,” was all he had to say. frills.

The fans didn’t wait for the club to say anything before making up their minds. The public’s view is clear: violence is always wrong. And even more, they want the organization to take the toughest actions possible against the player who won them over with his football skills and against the coaching team, led by Gustavo Quinteros, who they think is one of the best players. The main complainant uses the time given to the players from their own country. The northerners stood out in the Superclásico because they had to play Matas Zaldivia and missed chances to score.

No matter what the fans do, it has nothing to do with sports. The main point is to say that abuse against women is wrong. Yes, some people have asked for help from people who are experts in helping sports.

Thompson chose to make his Instagram account private after the picture was made public, so it’s not clear what the picture was about or when it was taken. By doing this, she escapes the storm of guilt that was coming her way.

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