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Itsfunnydude11 Video Goes Viral, UW Athlete Clip becomes Sensation on social media



itsfunnydude11 leaked video of the particular volleyball team and multiple links are circulating on the social media platform, so this video was uploaded on October 22. We are aware of recent news relating to the University of Wisconsin, where women are facing a number of issues as their private photos and videos were leaked without their consent on the social media platform.

However, the entire department and university are also concerned, and the department is awaiting all the pertinent information regarding who uploaded the videos. However, as of yet, no details have been forthcoming.

Their team won the Big 10 Championship in November, where they were posing with their sports bras floating and held up by their hands. however, these photos have been leaked on every social media platform, and now this.

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These are not photos that should be shared publicly, and they should not be shown to the general public. The Volleyball players have not committed any wrongdoing, but everyone is now rallying to support the women and athletes because this is a very important issue, and it is now one of the department’s top priorities to care for them and provide them with everything they require.


Now, authorities are more vigilant, and they anticipate these types of crimes involving the unauthorized dissemination of images and recordings.

It is illegal and unauthorized to share these images, and it has now become a significant issue that requires a close examination of student-athletes who are experiencing a great deal of trouble.

The University of Wisconsin has a well-known reputation across the world, and after reaching three finals 4 and three finals 3 in the last decade, they have become one of the most successful teams within the athletics department.

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