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Is Chris Dailey dead or still alive? UConn women’s basketball associate head coach



Chris Dailey, an assistant coach for UConn, passed out suddenly before the game. People at the game were shocked to see the coach pass out of the blue. When this happened, Chris was taken to the hospital, and things were out of hand.

People were also nervous, and the players and players were all worried and depended on the coach. The audience was also concerned. Later, some good news came out, and the game and the players returned to the field. Let’s learn more about this case and find out what happened with Chris.

There was a game between the No. 5 Huskies and the North Carolina State Wolfpack. The Huskies were number five, while North Carolina was number ten. When the game started, people gathered, and while the national anthem was playing, Chris said she wasn’t feeling well.

The players also said that their coach suddenly fell to the floor, and they had to run to get her up. Chris was being carried away by the medical team, who were worried about her health. The coach was put on the ground by UConn staff, and she was stretched out on the court until the medics arrived.

Who Was Chris Dailey?

Dailey is now 63 years old, and it was scary to see her fall on the field. Players also said that they were worried when she suddenly collapsed. Dailey left the area on a stretcher because she was too hurt to stand up. She waved at the players and the crowd as she went.

Is Chris Dailey dead or still alive? UConn women’s basketball associate head coach
Is Chris Dailey dead or still alive? UConn women’s basketball associate head coach

Later, it was found out that Dailey’s condition was fine and that she was being treated. Coach Auriemma said that Dailey was fine in her condition. He said there was nothing to worry about and nothing threatening. Auriemma also said that Dailey wasn’t acceptable before the match and that they also talked about it before the game.

How Did Chris Dailey Die?

The coach Auriemma said that it was hard to see Dailey leave the game and that they were more worried than anything else that day. He also said that her health is a bit of a worry for the program, but it is fine as long as she is okay.

Guard Nika Muhl said that Dailey texted all of the players and the team players to say that she is OK and sorry for the trouble she caused when she fell down on the field. Auriemma said everything went through their minds when they saw her collapse and when she was carried away. But when her rules made the players feel better, they returned to the match.

Dailey worked with the team, and she has years of experience in touring as well. The teams were given a 10-minute break before getting back on the field, and during that time, they were in the locker room worrying about their coach.

Dailey has been on the team since 1985 and has been with Auriemma since then as well. She never lost a match when they trained the teams. She filled in for him about 13 times in her career, and now they have a record never to lose. She was also in the 2021 NCAA until she was caught up with covid. For her treatment, she was away from the team for a year.

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