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Intercity Volvo 9600 platform is Launched by Volvo Buses in India.



Intercity Volvo 9600 platform is Launched by Volvo Buses in India. Today, Volvo Buses India introduced the 9600 series of luxurious buses to the market. Two versions of the new Volvo 9600 luxury buses are available: 15 m 6 x 2 and 13.5 m 4 x 2. From the factory, they will be offered in seating and sleeping arrangements. The Volvo 9600 is based on the firm’s European design, which epitomises tall boy looks with ample inside room. The 15-seater coach will be able to accommodate 40 sleeper berths or 55 passengers in a sitting configuration. On the other hand, the 13.5-meter bus will be able to accommodate 36 berths or up to 47 passengers. Follow more for Updtes @newsyorbits

The purpose of our bus division at VECV is to alter public transportation and to create the future of the Indian bus sector, according to Vinod Aggarwal, MD & CEO of VE Commercial Vehicles, who spoke at the event. I’m honoured to introduce the Volvo 9600, which advances luxury, comfort, and safety—values that we have all come to associate with Volvo Buses.

Volvo Buses
Volvo Buses

The Volvo 9600 platform combines award-winning bus design, technology, and production methods with our successful “Make-In-India” journey, according to Akash Passey, President, Bus Division, VECV. Bus Operators continue to rely on us to provide solutions that fulfil the desires of intercity passengers for secure, opulent, and globally contemporary coaches as the bus industry emerges from a very difficult period.

The modern Hosakote plant, which has a history of producing completely built Volvo premium buses since 2008, will produce the coaches on the Volvo 9600 platform, just like its forebears.

The Volvo D8K(8-litre) engine, which is used in the Volvo 9600 chassis, produces a peak torque of 1350 Nm at 1200–1600 RPM and 350 horsepower at 2200 RPM. The I-Shift automatic manual gearbox is linked with it. Additionally, the Volvo 9600 luxury bus has an electronic stability programme (ESP), hill-start assistance, and electronic braking system (EBS) (ESP).

Redefining convenience and security

The Volvo B11R is optimised for exceptional performance in challenging situations. Notable chassis components include the 12-speed I-Shift transmission, Electronically Controlled Air Suspensions, and Electronic Braking systems. The vehicle has 39 berths and 12.5 cubic metres of space for personal belongings. The totally enclosed saloon area incorporates fire-retardant textiles, plywood, cushions, and ABS surfaces that give off an upscale vibe while ensuring the highest level of safety.

The body of the sleeper has been constructed from high-strength carbon steel and covered with anti-corrosion paint to maximise its endurance. The coach conforms to all applicable automobile standards and regulations. The sleeper provides travellers with comfy and wide sleepers with headrests, as well as a small luggage compartment, mobile phone chargers, and a personal reading lamp. In addition, there is space for a curtain between neighbouring berths. The broad gangway with nonslip vinyl flooring offers adequate space for vehicle entry. The LED lighting provides the interiors with the ideal combination of aesthetics and utility.

Concerning Volvo Buses India:

Since establishing its presence in India in 2001, Volvo Buses has developed industry-leading expertise in high-performance bus applications. Over 7,500 Volvo buses operate on Indian highways, offering passengers with the safest, most luxurious, and most comfortable travel experience possible. Prior to the epidemic, about a million individuals commuted daily on a Volvo Bus, with the population of buses having travelled more than 3 billion kilometres.

VE Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV) is a manufacturer of commercial vehicles.

The Volvo Group and Eicher Motors Limited have formed VE Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV). The company, which has been in operation since July 2008, encompasses the full line of Eicher-branded trucks and buses, VE Powertrain, Eicher’s component companies, and the sales and distribution of Volvo trucks within India. The operations of Volvo Buses in India have been incorporated into VECV’s newly created Bus Division as of November 2020. The mission of VECV is to be regarded as the industry leader driving commercial transportation modernisation in India and developing nations.

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Engine specs for the Volvo 9600Volvo Buses

Intercity Volvo 9600 platform is Launched by Volvo Buses in India.

A Volvo D8K 8-liter engine, producing 1,350 Nm of torque at 1,200–1,600 rpm and 348.66 horsepower at 2,200 rpm, powers the Volvo 9600 chassis. The I-Shift automated manual gearbox on the chassis features electronic brakes and hill start assistance, while the fuel-efficient engine is built to minimise TCO and maximise uptime.

The company’s Hosakote plant in Karnataka, where Volvo premium buses have been made since 2008, will produce the Volvo 9600 platform. Depending on the specs and level of customization, the buses are anticipated to cost between Rs. 1.3 Cr. and Rs. 2 Cr. With this new approach, the company primarily targets private fleet operators and state transportation agencies. Within an upcoming couple of months, delivery of Volvo 9600 coaches will be possible.

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