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House of the Dragon Episode 10 Finale – Daemon in Season 1 and Spoilers



We hope Syrax and Caraxes are in good spirits because the Dragon Dance is imminent.

This weekend, HBO revealed fresh photographs from the season 1 finale of “House of the Dragon,” which will premiere on September 8th. Based on the images in the gallery below and the teaser for the network’s premiere after Episode 9, “The War,” it appears that the Battle for the Iron Throne will become even more brutal.

Rhaenyra, also known as King Visery’s successor and ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, and Daemon, upon learning of the death of their father and mother Allicent (after their father Otto), joined the battle, misread the rumors of the dead, and made his own son Aegon king on the battlefield.

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The photographs in the gallery above provide views of Rhaenyra and her children, as well as Ser Eric, Daemon, and Rhaenys – the latter appearing solemnly at Aegon’s Ascension in Episode 9. Remember that in this week’s shows, we’re supposed to see Prince Daemon’s other side.

According to the book, Jakaris believed that speaking directly with the lord would be preferable to dispatching crows to other dwellings. Rhaenyra consented, instructing Jakaris to travel first to House Arryn, then to House Mandalay, and ultimately to Winterfell in the far north to meet the Lord of House Stark. Possibly she was aware that Winterfell would play a significant role in the arranging of events.

Lucerys, on the other hand, was dispatched to Storm’s End, where Rhaenyra anticipated Boros would cheerfully and without resistance swear allegiance to Baratheon. Rhaenyra assumed it was safe to send her son to the Stormlands, but she did not know Otto Hightower’s motives and plans.

Otto instructed Aemond to travel to Storm’s End and court one of Lord Baratheon’s four daughters. Aemond and Lucerys may simultaneously appear in Storm’s End. Aemond yearned for vengeance, and he was aware that the young Lucerys stood little chance against him. In Dragon House Episode 10, it will be intriguing to watch if the producers decide to set the two princes against one other.

House of the Dragon
House of the Dragon Episode 10 Finale – Daemon in Season 1 and Spoilers

Otto and his troops are positioned in front of Daemon and his soldiers on the same Dragonstone bridge where Rhaenia used to capture the dragon eggs in Daemon’s possession. During this occasion, Otto and Sir Christon Cole were also present, among others.

This image looks to be a recreation of what was generated in the second episode of “House of the Dragon,” maybe implying that history is repeating itself and that Otto Hightower has been given another opportunity to undermine Daemon Targaryen’s authority.

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