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Heart Braids Twitter Fighting video went viral on social media



Heart Braids Twitter Fighting –  Two girls are fighting and ripping out each other’s braids, which is the most brutal way to settle a dispute. They are trying to pull out every hair on the head, and when they go into battle, they show no mercy. Millions have already seen it of people on Tiktok, Instagram, and Twitter, where it was first posted.

We still don’t know what started this fight or why. We also don’t know who the two women are; our team is still looking into them. The video has a total of 36,000 comments, which is a lot.

\The video is 53 seconds long and is already on YouTube. Most likely, the video was made in a school, but the name and address of this school are still unknown. Most likely, the older girl was pulling on the younger one, which is why the younger girl couldn’t stop herself.

She doesn’t want to be judged, so she wants to do something against that girl. Such videos are very embarrassing, making you wonder if these schools are doing an excellent job of teaching young people how to control themselves and grow as people.

It’s hard to tell what the teachers and administrators were doing while all this was happening, and it worries all the parents who pay a lot for tuition.

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No one from the institution has come forward to clear anything up, and they aren’t trying to defend what their students did. They are responsible for not saying a word about such a big scandal, which will open parents’ eyes and force the school’s authority and management to give a good reason. These two girls acted rough and angry and had no control over their feelings or hands.

So that their kids can go to good schools. Not only were they pulling each other’s hair, but they were also slapping each other hard and saying bad words that this article can’t explain.

We also can’t save the video because it’s so upsetting, and this kind of content is always in the news because people don’t want to talk about logical things and want to talk about scandals and controversies.

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