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Hannah Goldy leaked and viral on social media; Professional Face Puncher videos



Although Hannah Goldy struggled to participate in the UFC, she gained notoriety for her attractive photographs. On Instagram and the website OF, the 30-year-old mixed martial artist has more than 167,000 followers.

She fought last in July and was defeated by Molly McCann via TKO. Her professional MMA record is 6-3, and she has dropped three of her last four matches. She defeated Emily Whitmire in September 2021 for her most recent victory.

“I hold this conflict in the highest regard. I honestly don’t think I’m returning to the octagon after my last fight, Goldy stated at the time, according to MMA Junkie. “The stars lined up, I got a last-minute opportunity, and this time I modified a lot of the way I usually go to my camp. I dedicated a lot of time to improving my mental game. That’s what’s happening today, I believe. Being late pays rewards.

I’m doing it for my benefit. Make my coaches, my squad, and all of my fans pleased by using a small portion of your skills tonight. I’m really proud of myself. Here are some of Goldy’s well-known photos.

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Absolutely the best body award ever, one fan remarked in response. Another added, “I’ll be your sparring partner just to hang out with you hahahha jk jk. Your wrestling and grappling is 100, one wrote. You might have prevailed in the previous fight if the knee hadn’t occurred. Keep going, you champ.

“Odins has been asking me to watch it for weeks…do you think he’ll ask me again?” said Goldie in the post. “We adore you and support you, my wonderful friend,” one supporter retorted. You are unique and never cease to inspire me. Ironically, I just wore this after opening Instagram tonight and seeing your post.

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