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Elden Ring DLC: Why is trend on Twitter?



Elden Ring DLC is currently trending on Twitter because of a post about the Game Awards, but not the one fans think. The famous FromSoftware game fans eagerly await a DLC announcement, but this isn’t it.

FromSoftware has never suggested or said outright that Elden Ring would get DLC, but fans do expect it. Most of FromSoftware’s Soulsborne games get DLC, like Bloodborne’s Old Hunters.

What’s most exciting is how FromSoftware can add new lore or expand on existing lore while giving players a new challenge. DLC from FromSoftware is usually more complex than the base game, so Melania might not be the most demanding boss yet.

The Game Awards recently posted a fill-in-the-blank question: “The world premiere I’m most excited to see at The Game Awards is .” And the number of responses hoping for Elden Ring DLC has made the phrase popular on social media.

Even though that’s not the most accurate measurement, it’s clear how much FromSoft fans want to return to The Lands Between. The Game Awards would be the perfect place to make this announcement.

Elden Ring was first shown at Microsoft’s Xbox conference at E3 2019, and the game has missed many shows over the years. It’s not impossible that it could happen here too, but it’s clear that a game like Elden Ring deserves a big stage.

The next big stage after The Game Awards isn’t for a few months, so if DLC is coming out soon, it will make sense to announce it at the showcase. Even so, FromSoftware DLC usually comes out about 7–8 months after the base game, although the size of Elden Ring could make this situation more complicated.

For example, the game has already passed that window, but rumors that FromSoftware is working on Elden Ring DLC mean that an announcement could come soon, even if it’s a bit later than what past patterns would suggest.

No one outside of FromSoftware knows what this could be, if it does happen. Still, there are many possibilities, such as expanding Miquella’s story and lore, adding colosseums and new PVP features, digging deeper into Godfrey’s story, or finally giving fans answers about the Gloam-Eyed Queen.

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