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The Difference Between Chainsaw Man’s Devils and Jujutsu Kaisen’s Curses



Devils Many people have compared Jujutsu Kaisen with Chainsaw Man, but how dissimilar are their curse and devil mechanics in reality? FOLLOW FOR MORE UPDATES newsyorbits.com

Chainsaw Man and Jujutsu Kaisen have received the most comparisons among the major new era shounen battle series. Even the mangaka of the two series, who openly acknowledge to admiring one another’s work, have heard about the comparisons. FOLLOW FOR MORE UPDATES TWITTER

The primary antagonists/power systems of the two series, devils and curses, can be compared. Both include entities based on human emotions, and the central protagonist of each series shares a body with one of these beings, thus they may initially look identical (Yuji with the curse Sukuna and Denji with the chainsaw devil, Pochita). However, they are distinguished from one another by a few key distinctions.

How Do Curses Devils Work?

Cursed energy is the primary cause of paranormal activity in Jujutsu Kaisen. Curses are fundamentally supernatural consequences brought on by malice or ill will. The beings that make up cursed spirits are products of cursed energy. A curse will likely appear around a place or thing if enough negative feelings are directed at it. For instance, due to the confluence of students’ bad emotions, schools frequently run the risk of fostering curses. Cities are said to have curses that are more clever and strong since more people are living there, which increases the density of negative emotions.

Even curses can be borne out of fear, such as Mahito, which was borne out of people’s fear of one another, and Hanami, which was borne out of people’s fear of nature. The curses are, therefore, particularly strong because they are rather solid and widespread phobias.

Jujutsu Sorcerers are endowed from birth with intrinsic, immutable skills that allow them to harness cursed energy for their purposes. They frequently exorcise curses with these skills, although curses can always be brought back by the same emotions that gave rise to them. A jujutsu sorcerer can even become cursed by their negative feelings if they aren’t slain by cursed energy.

Describe devil

In contrast, devils are quite comparable to the specific class of curse that Mahito and Jogo belong to. They are a direct result of humankind’s generalized fear. It might be a dread of the dark, swords, and eternity. Even creatures people don’t typically dread, such as sea cucumbers and tomatoes, have matching demons. The Tomato Devil is incredibly weak, but the more fear people have for them, the more powerful they get.

The Difference Between Chainsaw Man’s Devils and Jujutsu Kaisen’s Curses

Any form of slaying the demon will send it back to hell because there can only be one devil for each specific fear. Most devils are in a continuous cycle of reincarnation because the only option for them to return is to be slaughtered once more in hell.

Devils can also get into agreements with humans in exchanging some of their skills for something that belongs to the concerned human. For instance, when Aki uses the Fox Devil’s abilities, he trades a small portion of his skin. Pochita gave Denji a new heart, but only if he fulfilled his goals for Pochita to see.

What The Devils Differences Look Like

It may already be apparent how dissimilar these two systems are from one another. Despite their rarity, one benefit of having jujutsu sorcerers is that humanity has them in JJK. This indicates that they have a natural defense against curses that, at the very least, renders them ineffective. However, in CM, humans are powerless against devils and must enter into contracts with them to stand a chance, ultimately leaving them at the devils’ mercy.

Due to this minor dynamic adjustment, JJK can now discuss topics such as family ties, martial arts, destiny, etc., because its power structure has lengthy.

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