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Daejanae Jackson’s video was leaked on Twitter/Reddit, is she going to jail?



Daejanae Jackson’s video was leaked – In Mexico, the Charlotte family tries to figure out why a 25-year-old woman was found dead. This leads to a strange case. Shanquella Robinson is a girl from Charlotte, North Carolina, with a friend named Dejanae Jackson. Shanquella’s face is swollen, she has lumps on her head, her eyes are swollen, and she has a split lip. That’s because a girl named Big Zenna Jackson attacked her on the trip. Khalil Cooke, supposed to be her best friend, just stood there and did nothing.

Shanquella’s family cried because their daughter didn’t come back from a trip to Mexico. Shanquella went to Cabo, Mexico, with friends on October 28. Her parents, Bernard and Salamandra Robinson told the newspaper this.

On Saturday night, they called, and she told them she wasn’t feeling well. They found out later that she had been drinking and was drunk. When we heard that 25-year-old Shanquella Robinson died of alcohol poisoning, we all knew Khalil Cooke, Malik Dyer, Winter Donovan, Alysse Hyatt, Daejhanae Jackson, and Nazeer Wiggins were lying. Daejhanae Jackson, Cbeat at the time, said no details about the detention were found.

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Shanquella Robinson and a group of her friends went to Cabo to celebrate her birthday and have a fun long weekend. Shanquella’s mom, Salamondra Robinson, said they were eating tacos or salad or something. I wished her good night and told her I’d talk to her tomorrow. When the autopsy report came out, they said alcohol had nothing to do with it. This meant that her neck and spine were both broken.

She got hurt. The next day, Shanquella was killed, but her best friend Khalil Cooke told her mother that Shanquella had been poisoned. No one knows what the police did to Dejanae Jackson. Daejhanae Jackson, Cbeat at the time, said no details about the detention were found.

After their daughter strangely died in Mexico, the Charlotte family wants to know what happened. Shanquella’s family heard from her friends that she was drunk. The part where the police could have found the intoxicated person who was passed out in the living room and told someone about it.

In the video, Daejhanae Jackson is seen standing in front of a naked Shanquella Robinson and repeatedly hitting her head until she falls to the ground. But Jackson will be arrested for the death of Shanquella Robinson, who was 25 years old. But no one knows about the case yet.

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