HomeNewsCrowd Crush kills at least 150 during Halloween festivities in Seoul

Crowd Crush kills at least 150 during Halloween festivities in Seoul



During Halloween events in Seoul, South Korea’s capital, a large number of people fell down in a narrow alley.

A lot of things happened when hundreds or thousands of people were in the same place at the same time. We all know that most people came to the festival, and over the last few months, most accidents have happened at festivals.

This year, too, a lot of people went to Seoul’s Halloween celebrations, where about 151 people were killed. Photos and videos of the horrifying scenes are being shared on the Internet, and people all over the world are mourning their deaths and trying to figure out what happened.

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According to the most recent news, South Korea had its first big Halloween celebration since the restrictions of Covid were lifted. Unfortunately, the event turned into a big tragedy. People were very excited to celebrate the event again after 3 years, but they had no idea that many people would die on this day.

On the night of Saturday, October 29, 2022, this happened. About 151 people died, and most of them were teenagers and young adults. All of them died as partygoers ran through a narrow alley in Seoul’s famous nightlife district.

What Happened at the Halloween Event in South Korea?

As soon as the police heard about what happened, they went to the scene and began their investigation. Now, people on the Internet want to know what exactly happened and how many people were hurt.

Crowd Crush kills at least 150  during Halloween festivities in Seoul
Crowd Crush kills at least 150 during Halloween festivities in Seoul

Police are still looking into what caused the deadly incident, but the chief of the Yongsan-gu Fire Department, Choi Seong-bum, said it was a “panic stampede” in which many people fell. At least 151 people died, and around 82 were hurt and are now in the hospital.

Who are the people hurt by the South Korean Halloween crowd crush?
Some of the details about the dead people were shared by the police. Around 19 of them were from other countries, like Uzbekistan, Iran, China, and Norway.

Because of this accident, everyone in the area is in a panic, and the parents, country, and the rest of the world are saddened by the deaths of these young people. Their parents had no idea that the event would make them sad and turn their lives upside down in just one day.

South Korea’s President, Yoon Suk Yeol, called an emergency meeting for the morning of Sunday, October 30, 2022. They decided to go to the place where the incident happened to find out what happened. People are praying for the salvation of these young people who died, which changed the mood from happy to sad.

People are scared and saddened by the videos and pictures of all the terrible events. People are leaving messages of sympathy for the family who lost loved ones. The families of the dead have our deepest sympathy and condolences.

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