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Corneisha butler’s ex-Perkins Dead video, Who killed her? – cause of death



A horrible video is going viral on social media and receiving considerable attention. Numerous individuals who viewed the video assert that it is the final footage of the deceased individual. After observing the mayhem on social media, we explore the situation and attempt to determine the truth.

In addition, the name Corneshia Bulter is going viral along with the video. As soon as the name and video appeared online, people began investigating the deceased and the circumstances surrounding her death.

Those who have not yet viewed the film want to know what it depicts and why it is being called the final video. According to the sources, Corneisha Butler, a mother of four, was murdered. On November 16, 2022, her corpse was discovered, and her poisonous ex-girlfriend was suspected of being her murderer. The allegations indicate that on Wednesday, Corneisha’s ex-girlfriend Kayla murdered her.

According to the sources, Kayla committed this murder after months of threats and abuse. The stories indicate that she was envious of Corneisha’s success.

Before the murder, Kahla had gone to Corneisha’s residence and set fire to her Jeep and Mercedes. Both of these automobiles belonged to the decedent and were dear to her heart. This incident demonstrated that Kayla was aiming to harm her ex-life. girlfriend’s

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Unfortunately, it was a tragic and tragic tale of envy and hatred that led to the needless murder. Now a video is going viral, and many claims to be connected to Corneisha’s death.

However, bogus recordings are being uploaded online that claim to be the last footage of the deceased, yet no websites host the video. Numerous videos are clickbait and contain false information.

Our sources are now attempting to identify the video, and as soon as we have the link, we will update Corneisha Butler’s last video on this page. Due to the gravity of the situation, it is inappropriate to provide incorrect information to the readership.

A number of publications assert that the video is CCTV footage and depicts the deceased’s dying moments. Without viewing the video, we cannot claim ownership.

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