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Chase Allen dead, police shooting, whats happened Bodycam video leaked



A week after shooting and killing a 25-year-old man during a traffic jam, police in Farmington have released body camera footage that shows what happened.

Dashcam footage of the first officer to arrive, who made a routine traffic stop at Chase Allan, is also shown. The body cameras of all five officers are also shown.

Bodycam footage shows how Allen talks with police officers. (WARNING: This video has violent images and language.)

Police said that there was a “placard” instead of a license plate on the back of Allen’s car, which is why he was pulled over.

On the video, you can hear the officer and Allen say hello to each other. The officer then says that the delay is because the car isn’t registered, which is the reason for the delay.

In the video, you can hear Allen say, “I don’t need to sign up, and I don’t answer questions.”

At this point, the officer called the backup officer to help out and asked Allen to tell him who he was.

So, the officer told Allen, “This is the dealership. I’m going to stop you because your car isn’t registered, and I need to see your ID.” “You are in jail right now and can’t get out.”

Allen told the police officer that he doesn’t answer questions.

Allen said, “If you want my ID, you’re going to get arrested and be a surety and trustee.” “This means that you will be responsible for any debt you try to get.”

Dashcam video shows that Allan was pulled over and talked to (WARNING: Video contains graphic images and audio)

The officer and Allen kept talking, and the officer kept asking Allen for his ID, but Allen always said no.

The officer asked, “Are you trying to identify yourself, or do you want to go the other way?” Allen gave up an American passport after that.

At this point in the video, more police officers show up and tell Allen to get out of the car.

The co-pilot said, “Get out of the car for me.”

“No,” Allen replied.

“Sir, please leave the car right away.” The officer gave another order.

In the video, you can hear Allen say, “No, I don’t have to.”

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