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Following the disastrous Gun Devil attack, Chainsaw Man’s newest episode concentrates on the effects of the conflict but doesn’t let up thanks to Kishibe’s appropriate introduction. Even if the adventure is horrifying, the show continues to dive deeper into the depths of its dark world. FOLLOW FOR MORE UPDATES newsyorbits.com

Last week, Katana Man gave Denji the finger, and it was only the remarkably quick Kobeni who prevented him from being hauled to the Gun Devil (goodness what a sentence to write). Even though it all appeared to be the ending she had fully anticipated, Makima nevertheless displayed a small portion of her terrifying power and helped to eliminate those who attacked her division. FOLLOW FOR MORE UPDATES TWITTER

First off, it’s worth mentioning again that Crunchyroll has some of the best, most aesthetically beautiful, and creatively incorporated subtitles in the industry. Even in Funimation’s prime, background speech and signage subtitles were a jumbled mess of the same color. In the meantime, Crunchyroll skillfully translates Himeno’s letters to Aki.


By any means, this is not a new fashion style. Even a minor easter egg snuck in by the animators that only one guy on Sakugabooru would have spotted otherwise will be translated by Crunchyroll when a newspaper appears on the screen for three seconds.

The subtitles’ seamless CHAINSAW MAN in the center of the screen during a scene with no conversation and only words for the audience to read meant that no attention were diverted from the shot’s main focus point. It just goes to demonstrate how much more than words on a screen may go into subtitle work.

In the setting at hand, Aki is at his lowest ebb, and the revelation of his deal with the Curse Devil, which in any other show would have been a victory, is now just terrible. His attack entirely failed to kill the intended victim, and as a result, he was left with a dead companion and the news that he had two years to live. It makes sense why Himeno didn’t want him to use it.

The majority of Aki’s suffering is conveyed through images that go above and beyond to quietly convey his sorrow—both his covert sobbing and his cool, dead determination to carry on. But what’s probably more fascinating about it is how Aki’s suffering makes Denji reflect on his own humanity.

Denji observes Aki crying in private, as CHAINSAW MAN had predicted he would. Denji begins to question whether or not he is a bad person and whether or not becoming a hybrid has literally as well as figuratively broken his heart because he hasn’t responded to any of the recent tragedies. Based on how he has been described thus far, that doesn’t seem fully accurate.

Denji has undoubtedly endured a difficult life and as a result, he has become desensitized. He does, however, have some empathy, particularly when he can draw from personal experience, as in Episode 3 when he contrasted his love for Pochita with Power’s love for Meowwy. Denji is attempting to keep his mind on the good things, which is something he can do more easily than other people. Everyone handles sorrow in various ways.

As for Aki, he has the option of leaving or continuing, and he choose to do the latter, which will undoubtedly be his demise. No matter whatever Devil Aki makes a deal with, it doesn’t seem like he will be able to withstand what is about to happen. There should still be some of the old Aki inside given the remaining time. Because it would be a pity for him to stay out on the fun after observing Denji and Power’s friendship this week.


A Few Looser Screws

The hunters with a few loose screws are the ones that devils fear. He couldn’t have been more right after seeing Kishibe in all his glory. Now that they have a trainer who will train them via hunting, Denji and Power will become even greater hunters. The grisly events that follow bring out the best in Denji and Power.

Tatsuki Fujimoto has a terrific sense of humor CHAINSAW MAN Denji and Power are wearing glasses solely to highlight how silly they are being by thinking they are smarter. And to top it all off, their scheme to sneak up on Kishibe is actually ingenious and one of the episode’s high points. The failure just serves to enhance Kishibe’s cool factor.

This program has merely begun to introduce its cast, despite all the characters that have already died. Even though some of the characters from the opening scene haven’t appeared yet, judging by how much cooler each new character is than the previous one, there is a lot of anticipation for the remaining two episodes, not to mention the upcoming season.

final theme for week 10

Denji was harshly reminded by Kishibe’s challenging training this week that he is still Makima and Public Safety’s pet, and that if he cannot demonstrate his value, he would be eliminated. So it’s fitting that the newest ED uses “Dogland” by People1 to capitalize on the dog metaphor.

Prior to realizing that everything seems like CHAINSAW MAN filtered video photography, save for Denji and a few Devils, it appeared to be just some 3D effects work. Denji is hurriedly racing through what appears to be a genuine alleyway, real dogs, and real curries. The sequence is evocative of Hideaki Anno’s early live-action work, and the blending of live-action and anime is always remarkable.

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