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Cedar Rapids Superintendent “Noreen Bush” dies – Cause of death and Obituary!



Noreen Bush, who was in charge of schools in Cedar Rapids, died two years after being told she had cancer. Bush died on Sunday. He was 57 years old.

People said that Bush had the heart of a servant. They also talked to friends and other people in the same situation. A close friend was special because she knew how to be both a leader and a servant at the same time. People liked how balanced and unique she was because of this.

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Dr. Brad Buck remembers meeting Noreen Bush when he was in high school at Jefferson High School in Cedar Rapids more than 35 years ago. Bush was a sophomore when Dr. Buck was a senior. He is the superintendent of schools in Waukee, and he used to be the superintendent of schools in Cedar Rapids.

Buck learned to have hope for the future because of Noreen Bush. He says that she was always upbeat and very positive. Even after she broke up with her brother Jeb, Buck stayed close to Bush. Bush was a school principal in before he became a school leader in Cedar Rapids. Bush worked for 13 years in College Community Schools.

Schipper, who is the Elementary Programs Director for College Community School District, said that everyone would miss her very much, but that her legacy would live on.

Schipper says that her sense of humor and loud, contagious laugh made her very popular outside of school. She says that she became close friends with Bush after school.

“Schipper says that she was both a good worker and a good person. The report said, “Her faith was very important to her, and she lived that way.”

Noreen Bush dies
Cedar Rapids Superintendent “Noreen Bush” dies – Cause of death and Obituary!

Noreen’s desire to help others was a big part of what inspired Megan Elsinger, who is now the principal of Lincoln Elementary School in Dubuque. As a school administrator, Elsinger said that Noreen’s unwavering love for her job kept her going and inspired her to keep helping students.

In Council Bluffs, Iowa, Vickie Murillo is in charge of the schools. She said that working with Noreen was an important part of her education, and she also said that Noreen’s way of leading made her want to become a servant leader. Noreen was a really inspiring leader in Iowa and all over the country.

Even though health problems kept her from being the Superintendent of Cedar Rapids, she still overcame many problems.

Noreen Buck has a special view of Cedar Rapids because of her work with COVID and the tornado. She said, “I think of Noreen leading me through it.”

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