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Arrowverse’s Batwoman Surprise to return in The Flash Season 9 – Full Details Revealed




After being seen on the set of The Flash season 9 as a new character, Javicia Leslie has confirmed that she will be back as Batwoman in the Arrowverse. In 2023, season 9 of The Flash, one of The CW’s longest-running Arrowverse shows, will bring Barry Allen’s story to a close.

After several Arrowverse/DC TV shows were canceled earlier in 2022, including Batwoman, The Flash is one of only two shows from Greg Berlanti’s connected superhero universe that will be back next year.

Even though Batwoman was canceled after three seasons, Leslie will be in season 9 of The Flash, but it looks like she will be playing more than one character from the Arrowverse. After being seen on set as Red Death, the actress who plays Batwoman will also be back in her Gotham City hero costume.


Leslie posted a picture and a video to her Instagram story from her trailer while wearing Ryan Wilder’s regular Batwoman costume. This is the first time anyone has seen her in the suit since her show ended in March.

The CW and Warner Bros. TV haven’t said much about how Batwoman’s Leslie is doing double duty in season 9 of The Flash, but it’s not hard to figure out what ideas they might be using.


Since The Flash season 2, the Arrowverse has been based on the concept of the “multiverse,” where characters from one Earth have doppelgangers on other Earths. Red Death is probably Ryan from another universe and not the version of Ryan from Earth-Prime, who has become the famous DC villain.

Even though the network and studio haven’t said if Red Death will be the big bad in season 9 of The Flash, Leslie will play two characters in the same episode at least once in the final season. The only other plot they could use for Red Death is if this Ryan is from an alternate timeline, not a parallel universe, where she became a bad guy at some point.

Arrowverse's Batwoman Surprise to return in The Flash Season 9 - Full Details Revealed
Arrowverse’s Batwoman Surprise to return in The Flash Season 9 – Full Details Revealed.

This would make it more of a time travel story than a multiverse story. No matter how they do it, this should be comforting for Arrowverse fans, especially those who liked the Batwoman TV show, because they will get to see the Gotham City crusader at least once, if not more, in The Flash’s last season.

Since The CW hasn’t announced a premiere date for The Flash season 9, we don’t know when we’ll get a better look at Leslie’s story arc in the last season. At this point, all we know is that The Flash will be back sometime in 2023, which might not be until February or later in the middle of the season.

For now, The CW is keeping this storyline a secret, but it will be interesting to see how Leslie’s characters fit into The Flash and whether or not she is the last villain Barry will face instead of Cobalt Blue, which has been a popular guess.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long before The CW releases the first trailer for The Flash season 9, giving us a better look at what Leslie’s Batwoman character will be doing in the last year of the Arrowverse drama.


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