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American Actress and Television Director “Melissa Gilbert” is dead or still alive?



Melissa Gilbert is 58 years old and a grandmother, but most people still think of her as Laura Ingalls, the tall, happy girl with pigtails and a hat around her neck. She is a member of the Ingalls family, and she walks around Walnut Grove trying to solve the problems of the town. problems.

Even though the last episode of her series starring creator Michael Landon aired almost 40 years ago, in 1983, Gilbert has worked on many projects since then, but she has never been able to get away from the role that made her famous at a very young age. early. But unlike other former “star children” who have been forgotten or who have spent their whole lives trying to forget about her, Gilbert decided to embrace her legacy and make money from it even today.

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Melissa Gilbert was born into a family of artists, so her life path was already set. She was given to actors Barbara Cowan and Paul Gilbert the day after she was born, on May 8, 1964. Harry Crane, her grandfather, was a famous screenwriter who wrote for Laurel and Hardy, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and other stars. Around the same time, the artist couple adopted another child, Jonathan Gilbert, who would play Willie Oleison in the Ingalls family. Willie was Laura’s worst enemy and the brother of the annoying Nellie Oleison. Later, Melissa’s mother had a biological daughter with her second husband, Sarah Gilbert, who also became an actress.

At age 9, Melissa tried out for Langdon’s series based on Laura Ingalls Wilder’s autobiography, of which the first book came out in 1932. The story of the Ingalls family shows what life was like for an early American family. In the 1800s, he had to deal with plagues, droughts, and tornadoes, as well as personal tragedies like losing a child and being hurt in an accident. But characters like Harriet Oleson, who owns the only grocery store in town and is a bad person, and Mr. Edwards, who is a good person, sometimes do funny things that remind viewers that not everything is Es el Valle de las Lágrimas.

Melissa Gilbert
American Actress and Television Director “Melissa Gilbert” is dead or still alive?

It seems that more than 500 girls were introduced to Charles Ingalls’s middle son. But everyone, including Langdon, fell in love with Gilbert when she wore that cute lollipop that made her smile irresistible. The actor not only made the show, but he also played Charles Ingalls, Laura’s father. Years later, the actress remembered that Langdon’s own daughter, Leslie, went to school with her. During recess, Leslie told Langdon that she got the part.

Over the years, Gilbert never got tired of telling her how important Langdon was in her life. After her mother died when she was only 11, he cared for her and became like a second father to her. He told Langdon, among other things, that Langdon had taught him the importance of family, community, empathy, and love, all of which were big themes in the TV shows that the then-rich star had designed.

In an interview with CBS in July 2020, the actress said that Langdon made the set a very interesting place to work, so the 10 years he spent with the Ingalls family never led to a job. “It’s like being at a big summer camp, but I still have to wear cool clothes and shoes with buttons. “I can’t remember a time when it wasn’t fun,” she said.

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