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After Kelsey Ouellette was shot and killed, police want to know more about the suspect’s car and friends.



After Kelsey Ouellette was shot and killed: Edmonton police want to talk to more people who knew a woman who was killed near the city’s Jasper Avenue. They have released a video from a car in connection with her death.

On November 5, Kelsey Ouellette, who was 31 years old, was found dead in a car near 116th Street after gunshots were heard in the area.

Before a news conference about the investigation on Wednesday morning, Edmonton police showed a video of a white Toyota SUV seen in the area around the time Ouellette died.

Investigators are trying to determine if the car is the same as a white 2016 Toyota Highlander found near where Ouellette was killed, at the corner of 259 Avenue and 18 Street. The burned-out car was stolen from northwest Calgary in August. It was found with Alberta plates that had been stolen from west Edmonton in early October.

Edmonton police are looking into whether or not a white 2016 Toyota Highlander found on November 5, 2022, near 259 Avenue and 18 Street is the same white Toyota SUV found near where Kelsey Ouellette was killed. (The police took the picture.)

After Kelsey Ouellette was shot and killed, police want to know more about the suspect's car and friends.
After Kelsey Ouellette was shot and killed, police want to know more about the suspect’s car and friends.

In a statement, Homicide Detective Jared Buller said, “We think this Toyota Highlander was driven and parked in the Edmonton area in October and November.”

“We want anyone who knows this car or who remembers seeing a similar car parked in an unusual or temporary place to get in touch with us.”

Police said they found out that Ouellette had been through something that “changed her life” in the last six months.

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“Based on what we know so far, our investigators think that what happened may have had something to do with her death.”

“We’ve talked to many people who knew Kelsey, but we’re most interested in talking to those who know the most about what happened but haven’t been found yet.” We want these people to call the police immediately,” Buller said.

Police are asking anyone with information, who saw a suspicious car near 259th Avenue and 18th Street, or who has dash cam or security footage of both scenes to contact them.

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